Saturday, February 21, 2009

This guy is not joking

AFP reports that the first words the new Israeli PM uttered after assuming the office was to name the criminals of Tehran as his country's number one enemy. And Netanyahu is not joking at all. I'd like to warn my fellow countrymen back home to take cover, stock food and water for the incoming aerial bombardments of the regime's nuclear weapons facilities. The nuclear fallout from the regime's destroyed atomic facilities can cause a lot of trouble and may result in terrible scenarios. You need to be prepared for the worst! I hate to say it but this confrontation, which by the way Mullahs have asked for, is getting more and more inevitable. Get ready for the doomsday.....

اولین سخنی که نخست وزیر جدید اسرائیل بر زبان اورد اشاره به دشمن درجه یک اسرائیل یعنی حکومت جنایتکار اسلامی ایران بود. من بعید میدونم اقای نتانیاهو به تاسیسات اتمی رژیم اسلامی حمله نکنه. و بهمین دلیل هم از دوستان و خوانندگان وبلاگ خودم در داخل ایران خواهش میکنم به فکر روزی باشند که تشعشعات و گرد و غبار اتمی حاصل از نابود شدن تاسیسات هسته ای رژیم باعث مریضی و کمبود غذا و اب در داخل کشور بشه. از همین الان غذا و اب برای روز مبادا ذخیره کنید و اماده بدترین سناریوی احتمالی باشید


Yikes said...

I think the biggest problem for most people of Iran, will not be from direct fallout contamination/exposure, but will be the disruption of food and other supplies getting to where they live, and also knowing whether that food or water is from a safe source.
Obviously, the regime won't warn people or be truthful about what's happening.

Louise said...

For now, Israel seems to be the only ones left with the will to do something.

daughter of patriots said...

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Does it surprise anyone that the US is not mentioned in Biblical prophecy? Considering Obama's third executive order was to fund overseas abortions, we can only plead, Lord have mercy! Gen 12:3

Rachel said...

I'm an Israeli and first of all I'd like to express my deep sympathy with you. Also there are many indications that the Islamist regime in Iran isn't relying on a broad popular support from the Iranian people and actually oppresses the people quite severely, so I deeply sympathize with the Iranian people.

I also believe that most Iranians are more interested in their own freedom rather than in nuking Israel and killing each and every one of us or otherwise annihilating the State of Israel which is a declared objective of the Islamic regime.

All that makes the situation very tragic as it seems to me most Iranians are not into destroying us and I most certainly wouldn't like to see any lose or harm done to any Iranian civilian. I sincerely wish you the freedom, prosperity, security and happiness you deserve.

It's the Iranian Islamist regime that has created this kind of ultimatum where, if there's not a halt to their nuclear program, then Israel will have to choose between trying to take out the nuclear facilities or risk being annihilated ourselves. This whole thing terrifies me and the tragedy of it all just makes me cry. I feel completely helpless.

My heart goes out to the Iranian people, those who do not support this extremist regime and are themselves its victims, and at the same time I want to live myself and the radical regime is a mortal threat to Israel.

I hope this nightmare could somehow come to an end in some other way, that the regime would reconsider and would sincerely decide to halt its nuclear program. Otherwise Israel might not have a choice but to try and prevent this mortal threat by military action (although I'm not quite sure Israel is capable of this). In this worst case scenario I hope Iranian casualties will be as minimal as possible. I wish we could avoid any Iranian casualties.

As hollow as it may sound right now I hope both our peoples will come to enjoy peace and freedom in our time.

Rachel said...
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Anonymous said...

I think this is pretty scary stuff.. the USA is making things worse by acting like they support some of the Mullah's agenda.. AKA: Obama the crazy muslim.. I hope Israel doesn't have to resort to war.