Thursday, June 25, 2009

Charlatan in Chief

Obama is Charlatan in Chief and I agree:
    "This is a man who embodies the opposite of the courage to act. His appalling ignorance of history prompted him to claim at his press conference that "the Iranian people … aren't paying a lot of attention to what's being said … here." On the contrary, from their jail cells in the Gulag, Soviet dissidents took heart from what was being said here--as all dissidents dream that the leader of the free world will be prepared to speak and act in their defense."
Obama has sided with tyranny all the time and has now emboldened the criminal regime of Iran in its brutal crackdown of Iranians. This is a guy whose friends included a raving racist priest and terrorists. How can we expect him to side with liberty and freedom seekers? Shame on this idiot charlatan in the white house. His Islamic middle name says it all..... More here

ننگ بر حسین اوباما

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Yikes said...

Wow, Congrats! Thanks for all your informative posts!

saggezard said...

Obanana has strayed and crossed into oblivion from America ideals, he should know that founders of the United States such as Jefferson were great supporters of other freedom fighters, some of the founding fathers who fought the British colonization also fought on the people's side in the French revolution.

Winston said...

I suppose Hussein Banana is not an American himself so he doesn't understand those ideals.