Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Like Animals

Today security forces beat people like "animals". The mullahs treat the Iranian people like 'animals'. Where's PETA?

Since reports came out yesterday that a number of IRGC commanders are suspended after failing to carry out their orders to shoot at people, the regime TV has shown several of them in different locations and dates to make the impression among people that such reports are untrue. This definitely confirms that these honorable guys have refused to take part in massacre of their own countrymen.

It's refreshing to see that Swiss and the Danish gov'ts are siding with the people of Iran while Dear Leader Obama is not yet sure whom to side with.

How could any one sleep at night knowing defenseless people are being savagely murdered and beaten on a daily basis. As the caller says in the following video "it is time to act".

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Azarmehr said...

Please help us today, bombard offices with emails and telephones and admonish them for having invited Islamic Republic stooge and Press TV employee, Galloway, who has referred to protests in Iran as a bunch of rich North Tehran kids:
020 7801 2768
231 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1EH

Galloway's contact details

You can contact George's Parliamentary office on 020 7219 6940
or his constituency office on 020 7613 5225.

For the sake of our brave brothers and sisters in Iran, lets make sure these insults are not unanswered