Saturday, June 13, 2009


There's not much I can add to the ongoing riots in Tehran on top of what is already being reported in mass media. The riots are spreading like wild fire across the country as a result of the sham elections. But it's important to remind every one that there's no free and fair elections in Iran and this just proved it. Azarmehr calls it 'resistance' against the regime.

It's been reported that the riots in Tehran began with as many as 20,000 people and it is now growing by the hour. Police and security forces are directed to shoot at rioters. Regime's own militias (basijis) are out in force trying to suppress the people. Heavy clashes have been reported in downtown Tehran in front of the ministry of Interior. video from Tehran.

I'll keep you posted as things develop in Iran. photos, more photos

I just tried to call a friend in Iran. All cell phone services are shut down. Major news websites are blocked and regular land-line phones are really hard to access from this corner of the world. But from what I could hear the riots are unprecedented. The regime has been brutal in its crack down of protesters. I am doing the reporting on It reaches more people at the same time. Follow me there if you like.

Updated: The news out of Tehran and other major cities is so overwhelming and shocking that I don't think it can be properly reported on my small blog. Explosions heard in and around Kouye-Daneshgah of Tehran (scene of 1998 bloody protests). Here are some pictures

Updated 2: The demonstrations have spread to major university campuses in Isfahan, Mashad, Babol and else where.

Updated 3: Brother of ex-president Khatami is detained. Many important reformist figures are arrested.

Updated 4: al-AP reports heavy street fighting taking place in Tehran.

Updated 5: Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, the son of the Shah, calls for an end to the regime in his newest statement.

Updated at 9:45 pm ET: Regime is now cutting off electricity to parts of Tehran. It claims the cut off is due to grid repair. It's believed that security forces are preparing for a massive attack on opposition groups in the morning/daylight. I'll keep you posted


Louise said...

Videos are making it out. Someone somehow managed to break through the communications shutdown. This one looks like the real thing. I've got one posted on my blog. Hope it stays there long enough for a few people to see it. Wow!! Just wow!!!!

Louise said...

I think the riot police are vastly outnumbered. They'll have to bring in the tanks, I guess. Or maybe this is the beginning of a free Iran. One can always hope.

Jay said...

Winston: Do you think this is the beginning of a free Iran?

We've seen protests there before, like the student protests...

But these seem much larger. Much more intense.

Winston said...

This is not a student protest. As I see it, the protests have all elements of society in it like old people, women, young, rich and poor. This is great if it keeps on going for a few more days. Especially if regime reacts by shooting and killing a few of the protesters.

Louise said...

Mousavi has been arrested!! This is the tipping point. Mark my words. Can you imagine the change that will sweep over the Middle East if, no, when that regime is toppled. They don't have enough police goons to quash this one. Go the great nation of Persia!!

Winston said...

I am afraid without robust external support and leadership, this one will go to toilet again. But I hope I am wrong on this one. And when the mullahs are gone, the world can see peace and prosperity again.

Rosemary said...

The last thing you said in these comments, Winston, is what I am afraid of for the people. Thank you for the news. I'm headed over to Twitter Winston80. Thank you for all that you do for your country and her people.

Is this the beginning of the end? Time will tell. Do you remember the buses and all the others who went on strike because the regime wouldn't pay them for months? They barely got any attention. Maybe this will be different, because this has to do will elections. Let's see how much the al-AP's of the really believe in freedom.

Jew With A View said...

- just wanted to say many thank for these great updates!