Friday, June 12, 2009


I have been asked every where today about the ongoing circus/elections in Iran. And I've been telling people who ask me about it that aside from the sham that's called the election in Iran, the change of presidents doesn't mean a thing for the international community. The nuclear weapons program will go on no matter who is the president of the country. I've kept saying that the Iranian regime's drive to have nuclear weapons or export terror around the region is something that supreme leader Khamenei oversees on a regular basis. The president, regardless of its fake party association, has and will have no say in matters related to the nukes, foreign policy or military.

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Update 1: Iranian regime claims Ahmadinjihad is the winner. Which is great news... Means quicker collapse of the system!

Update 2: Ahmadinejad has got 65.96 percent of the votes according to the regime's IRNA

Update 3: Somebody told me today that people voted for Ahmadinejad to help accelerate the Iranian regime's fall. A possible theory?

Update 4: Almost all regime based news agencies have announced Ahmadinejad as the winner of the show. There'll be blood. I'll be a lot happier if the mullahs' infighting started tomorrow.

Update 5: Some Persian language news websites report that the security is tight in Tehran. There's an undeclared martial law in place in major cities. The ministry of Interior bldg is now guarded by revolutionary guards. Azarmehr from UK reports that regime thugs are out in the streets.

Update 6 on June 13th @ 2am ET: Regime's security forces have begun crushing the reformists' gatherings in several locations across the capital city of Tehran. Chief of Police of the city has announced that any public gathering is illegal and will be crushed. Some reformers' campaign offices are ransacked.

امروز برای همه باید توضیح میدادم که رییس جمهور در ایران کاره ای نیست و رهبر هست که حرف اخر رو در امور مهم کشوری و لشگری میزنه. خیلی برای من عجیبه که مردم ایران 30 سال بعد از بلای انقلاب همچنان مثل گوسفند به این گرگهای اسلامی رای میدهند


commoncents said...

Great post! Keep up the excellent work!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

It was a foregone conclusion. Now Obama will actually have to deal with Ahmadinnerjacket. It's a rude awakening isn't it, Barry.

Winston said...

That's not gonna happen as long as the Iranian regime feels it needs to be at war with the western world. The Iranian regime needs the animosity and they won't abandon that easily

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston, I knew this was going to happen, and in a way I'm glad. I heard that the front-runner started Hizbullah. Is that correct? Some kind of moderate!

It is the students and young people for whom I feel badly. I don't think it is a conspiracy as far as the students voting for Ahmadinejad. After all, the turn-out for the last election (not including the students and others who boycotted it) was very low. They are claiming a 70%+ turnout. They wouldn't do that for the same old thing, so wait for fighting in the streets. I have a bad feeling...

Bardia said...

شورش در خیابان فاطمی تهران بالا گرفته. به نیروی انتظامی حق تیر داده شده

saggezard said...

You know who I feel bad for? For those Iranians and westerners who actually think there is some sort of a democracy in Iran. There is only one type of democracy. Unfortunately some Iranians keep repeating history, being stupid or wishful to think that the regime is reformable, now I hope they do not make a martyr out of Mousavi, same as what was done for Gore after his loss to Bush. In the same camp, some westerners believe the regime is offering an Islamic democracy. The racist notion that Islamic democracy is a form that suits Iranians and other Muslim nations is at the crux of their misguided thought system. How can one soberly justify that a French man, a Japanese, a Briton, a Mexican and an Iranian are each best suited to different species of democracy?

Chester said...

No surpise that Ahmadinejad won. Khamenei could have told everyone last week, but then that would have ruined the show.
Now it's back to business as usual for the regime - crack down on any dissenters, that was only allowed as part of the show.

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston, There have been reports that the people have taken to the streets and all heck is breaking loose in Iran. I pray no one (who wants freedom from the mullocracy) gets injured. Just keeping ya up-to-date. (Even though you probably already know.)

Anonymous said...

wow, that's surprising news, because everybody was saying that ahmadinejad can't win. it seems that iranians have used their own heads and elected their favourite candidate. now we'll see what the future will bring.

Papa Ray said...

Here is a link to "Alerts from Tehran-tehranbureau"

I'm thinking the prisons and jails will be filled up tonight and tomorrow and I'm also afraid that many will be injured and killed. There are already many reports of that.

Keep the citizens unarmed and afraid and anything is possible.

Papa Ray
West Texas