Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Evil System

Only an evil regime can order the execution of peaceful protesters and its opponents. The question is whether the international community, especially corrupt Europeans and naive Americans, will continue to talk to this evil regime or not.

The future of Iranian people's democratic movement from now on also rests with the behavior of the western powers towards the criminal regime of Iran. Any negotiation with this evil system will spell death and misery for the people of Iran. The current regime of Iran is not the legitimate representative of the will of its people and therefore should not be recognized or dealt with. There are reports that more than 2000 people have been detained in the past 10-12 days and many have been forced to appear on TV to confess to crimes they have not done. This is a system that is capable of taking its own people hostage and therefore it should be treated as a respected member of the international community. Furthermore such a criminal entity has no right to have nuclear power, peaceful or not. This regime is evil and you do to evil what it deserves: Total annihilation.


Harpo Schlotzki said...

Just for the record, I'm a born-again Christian with strongly non-partisan views who believes in the American system. We're not the same, but we're not horribly different. I ask humbly that you allow my comment for the purpose of civil and intelligent discussion.

As much as I would like to see the Guardian Council and Khameni gone forever, this is the Iranian people's fight, this is their victory to claim. It will happen regardless, and there will be blood spilled as evidence. The protests were the beginning of the end for the regime, and nobody really saw that coming (all speculation should be taken with a grain of salt).

It would be really gratifying to in a hail of cruise missiles just take out every military installation in the country.... but remember, many of those military personnel might just be the driving force to change brought about from INSIDE Iran. While the Republican Guard is fiercely loyal, I doubt the rest of the armed forces even remotely match that loyalty.

And forces like the Basij come and go with every regime; there are Basij-like elements present in America and everywhere else: armed and angry fringe groups, this time given authority by the government to harass and destroy nearly at will. If the army is converted, I think the Basij will either melt away, or run for the hills (perhaps literally).

Regardless: if the West "talks tough?" Khameni uses that to invalidate the resistance movement as the "meddling" of foreigners, a hot term in any country, and historically, an especially potent word in this one.

If the West just comes in and kicks ass on whoever they want? I guess it could be likened to the cliche telling of the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, but with painful implications. Lives will be lost this way, martyrs will be made, and it's a lot of pain just for Iranians to say they made it on their own. But it's the just route.

If they ask for our help? We give it. But I have no faith in any Western government coming in and helping out of pure compassion, and I don't want to see the Iranian people manipulated and controlled any more than they have been already.

Anonymous said...

The Iranian have to do it themselves. There will be very little help possible from the outside. They know now for sure that they are living under a ruthless dictatorship. They want change.They want democracy. The women want to be treated equally. No amount of government propanganda will change that. Parading dissidents on TV will only harden their resolve. They need to get more organised. New leaders from the younger generation will arise. There is no stopping change.
Like it or not we depend on Europe and USA to maintain the world order. There are no alternatives. Everything is relative. To brand them as naive and corrupt would put things way out of context.
Just a view. Godspeed people of Iran.

Caroline said...

Excellent post again Winston! Way to say it like it is; your posts are so refreshing to read....a combination of common sense and deep intellect. Especially your comment, "Furthermore such a criminal entity has no right to have nuclear power, peaceful or not. This regime is evil and you do to evil what it deserves: Total annihilation," because I heard someone say once that they didn't see why America was any more entitled to possess nuclear weapons than was Iran. It's crazy that people could even think such a thing, but sadly it's true.

ann e said...

We are the human race and to those- especially those who claim to know Christ as a friend- who say that the Iranians need to do it themselves,do I really have to point out that, like it or not, we are a global community..? I'm not going to go into the root of Christian faith (I did that yesterday), but I would like to point Harpo to Frontline's "From Jesus to Christ" - do watch it, please. As Americans, we have decided that we want our government to stay out of our religion, but that's an entirely different thing than our religion staying out of our politics. Christianity is rooted in political subversion. (I hadn't meant to go into it, but I guess I did, a little.)
Winston, your blogs are a big part of why I'm here. Amazing. Thank you!

Cindy the tea bag patriot said...

Ah yes, we shouldn't get involved with Iran and their quest for freedom after all it's their fight for freedom. I'm sure glad the French didn't feel that way about a certain freedom war a few centuries back. Have some of you been ready revionsit History textbooks again?