Monday, June 15, 2009

Extremely Angry

Just talked via phone with a very close friend of mine in Tehran. He explained to me that the people in the streets are 'extremely angry' with the entire system. Though he pointed to me that if the regime resorts to more violence or kills the people, then the reformist minds will shift into 'regime change' mode sooner or later. I am supposed to get in touch with him within the next 8-9 hours to have more updates for you after he's back from the planned rally today. My friend emphasized on the growing anger of the people in the streets of Tehran. He said people do feel they are cheated.

He says the main chants have been: 'Death to Dictator'; 'Change, Change'; 'We want freedom' and many other anti-theocracy slogans. Photos

People will gather for another massive rally today (Monday Jun 15th) at 4pm. I was told that anti-riot police would beat any one with no exception and for no reason at all, even if people are standing in the sidelines. I'm also told that around 400 students have been detained across the university of Tehran's campus in Amirabad neighborhood.

Kurdish Iranians have joined their brothers and sisters in the rest of Iran against the repressive regime of Iran. General strike has been called for on Tuesday.

This Canadian journalist was captured & beaten up but was let go after a few hours. Lucky, eh?

Update 1: Just called another relative in Northern Iran. I am told security forces will arrest or beat up any two people or more who walk together or talk to each other in public.

Excellent images from Iran

Pics from yesterday

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saggezard said...

It is all theatrics by the echelon, it seems:

Louise said...

Caffeine fix on its way, Winston, but please do get some sleep.

Thermblog said...

BBC footage with very interesting clip of US (Clinton) vs Canadian comment on the situation.

Go Canada!