Sunday, June 21, 2009

Going forward

I should apologize for not updating but I've been very tired due to staying up late every night for the past 6-7 days so I needed some rest this Sunday. The protesters in Iran need clear leadership and I hope they know that this should end in the total collapse of the entire theocracy.

Look at this excellent video and at the end of it you want to get up and cheer for the crowd. دمشون گرم

There are confirmed reports that 150 people died yesterday in Tehran alone. And hundreds injured. On top of that, there are confirmed reports that people have grabbed guns from the regime's security forces. The people need to be armed if they are going to win this.

Regime has detained Rafsanjani's daughter and 4 other relatives. Updated: Rafsanjani's daughter is now released - Confirmed news.

Video of Reza Pahlavi's interview with Australian TV

Canadian journalist for Newsweek magazine is detained.

Update a 3pm ET: People are chanting against the regime on their rooftops as I am writing this.

Updated at 4:35 ET: Just did a radio show with Threats Watch's Steve Schippert.

Updated @ 5:30: Photos from today's unrests in Tehran

Confirmed reports indicate that 3 people died yesterday in NE city of Mashad.

Updated at 6:45 pm ET:
Video from Tehran showing 2 protesters detained

Mousavi calls for more rallies going forward

Good reporting by the idiot NYTimes reporter from Tehran who used to be a regime apologist until days ago.

My interview with Threats Watch editor.


FearlessDream said...

Wonderful video! Justice being served little by little.

Caroline said...

That was great! Very inspirational! What a wonderful sight to see the people charging triumphantly and the despicable regime police fleeing down the street.

Louise said...

Sticks and stones trump riot gear!! Great, great video. And you're right. I couldn't help but cheer.

Jay said...

Winston: You gotta read this...

"Iranian who leaked election results may have been assassinated"

Mohammad Asgari, who worked for the Iranian interior ministry to protect the security of its IT network allegedly released results showing that the government used new software to rig the result.

Winston said...

I saw these reports. Can you though post link in tinyurl format plz.

Jay said...
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Jay said...

Sorry, I'll use tinyurl in future postings.

Anonymous said...

Damned right!!!! Most excellent!!
Reminded me of BRAVEHEART.
Freedom is not free, however FREEDOM will taste bitter-sweet in the end.
GOD be with you Neda and the other Bravehearts!
GOD speed from Kansas, USA.

A said...

To be successful in Iran:
There are a number of things that need to be done if the protestors are to be successful.
Things to be assumed:
It must be assumed that the Chinese are advising the Iranian government on how to quell the protests as they have close relations with the Iranian government, are invested in it staying in power and keeping a legitimate democracy out of Iran, and are the experts when it comes to controlling the will of a nation. They have most likely schooled the IRI in how to control in-coming and out-going access to the world via satellite and the internet. Now the IRI is learning how to identify people through phone, internet, and use of other technologies that are being used to keep the flow of information going to the outside world. The Chinese have, no doubt, told them to avoid casualties and to keep tanks off the street, a mistake that they made in 1989. They are instead to arrest as many as they can for incarceration without allowing contact with family. The idea is to reduce your numbers, make you grow weary of the fight and start yearning for some normalcy.
Things to avoid:
Protestors must avoid going to the hospital.
Authorities are camping out at the hospitals to arrest all who come in with injuries. This is in an effort to control those who would continue demonstrating. Many of those who are going to the hospital are near the front of the demonstration and have been hurt because they possess the boldness to face the police and other agents of the government. Instead of going to the hospital, citizens must set up first aid centers which should be as invisible as possible to the government.
Protestors must avoid being arrested at all costs.
Once you’ve been arrested, there is little chance that you will see your loved ones for quite a long time. Neither can you aid the cause for which you are fighting. To avoid being arrested, there are a few things that you can do. Back away when the number of police is too large. Be organized and act as one if there is to be a skirmish with the police. Should there be an altercation, demonstrators must work in unison to subdue the police, strip them of all of their weapons and protective gear, and possibly render them incapable of rejoining the ranks. When they attack, protestors must descend upon them en masse.
Moving onto more serious actions, the protestors could also try to take over the prisons and release the political prisoners. Other government facilities could be crippled as well. Making the prisons functionally disabled could change the tide, but it may also force the government to use live fire and bring out the tanks.
How the outside world can help:
Well, we can’t go there to demonstrate with them. Making declarations of solidarity or accusations against the government emboldens the government by giving them an excuse to label these protests as something that they aren’t, a foreign conspiracy. Have you all seen the videos of Tehran at night when people are crying out “Allah’u’Akbar” (God is Great) in the middle of the night? Well, that’s how we support them. Designate one hour in which the people of the world should call out “Allah’u’Akbar”. This one word would have much more effect than a thousand words of support and condemnation. Having the citizens of the world cry out in unison would have such a transformational effect on Iran and the Muslim world as no one could imagine. It would bring more people out of their homes; it would embolden the protestors and make them fearless; it would make despotic regimes tremble.
One basic principle of development in foreign lands from better off nations is to avoid giving them what we think they want. Ask them what they need. Now calling out Allah’u’Akbar may seem foreign to many, but this would be the most powerful tool to help our fellows in Iran at this time.
Leonard A.

saggezard said...

Iranians need help from the world:

1-Iranian people arms to defend themselves

2-Boycott and petition all businesses that do business with Islamic republic: Siemens, Nokia, BP, Total, Citgo,

3-Arrange demonstrations in front of Russian, Venezuelan and Cuban embassies, missions or consulates, expose their links and demand a stop to their support of the repressive regime.

4-Last but not least inform everyone you know of the gross violence against the peaceful demonstrators.

Winston said...

Sag jan, it is imperative that you update your blog. Twit your msg plz. And keep us informed.

saggezard said...

Dear Winston, Re my blog, I have been writing an essay in the past eight months for on the subject of justice and cruelty withing Iranian culture and have spent a long time researching and thinking about it, I will add a summary of my findings shortly but wished I could complete it. However you are right I should add entries. I have been attending demonstrations outside of Iran and am arranging one for tonight and hopefully one on Tuesday.

saggezard said...

just spoke to Tehran and was told the repression is tremendous

Winston said...



azadi eshgheman said...

this video is circulating on the web, there is a man who is filling out votes.

alison said...

Where is your radio slot Winston, I don't find it

Winston said...

I'll update the blog as soon as it is aired.

Anonymous said...

A, while many of your suggestions are excellent and useful, hell would have to freeze over before I called out "allah akbar".

I am in solidarity with these brave people but that is asking too too much.


Josephine said...

You are doing an amazing job, Winston. Thank you.

Anonymous said...
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