Monday, June 22, 2009

Uprising is on

This is Monday in Iran and we're 8 days into the popular uprising against the Islamic regime. Just because we did not hear much about the clashes on Sunday does not mean that they didn't occur. The regime has been relatively successful in keeping foreign media away from protesters.

I have been unable to get in touch with relatives and my friends across the country and honestly I didn't push it because I worried they might get in trouble if they received calls from outside world any ways. Every time I have conveyed the news to them, the calls dropped.

And then there are still pro-mullahs morons in the US and Canada who argue that the western gov'ts should stay away from the cause of the Iranian people. I thought this article by Walid Phares should be a good response to them:
    "The reality is that those who are advancing this argument are in fact trying to shield the Iranian regime in the West. The Khomeinist propaganda machine is unleashing all doubts possible about international support to the demonstrators. In fact, the tipping point against the ayatollahs’s militias is precisely a world outcry in defense of the uprising. Presently there are no neutral Iranians who could be irritated by American or Western verbal support to democracy in Iran. The argument is inserted in the debate to confuse the public and mollify outside solidarity."
Indeed. These people, like Karim Sadjadpoor, Kaveh Afrasiabi... etc you see on CNN, Fox News, CBS, CTV et al are all trying to save their handlers/backers in Tehran. They're trying to shield the regime. One wonders whether these useful idiots have any sense of decency or not. My guess is they don't.

Also this quote by another ex pro-regime apologist Barbara Slavin:
    "Iran ceased being an islamic republic a week ago. Now it's just another military dictatorship."
The uprising is on and there's no way back. These pro-regime assholes in the west should be worried. They've to be held responsible when the Iranian nation is free from tyranny and Islamic rule. The clock is ticking for all those bastards who are shielding a criminal regime here or there.

Latest video via SkyNews tv


FearlessDream said...

Like one person said on CNN, the Iranians have already shown that this uprising is homegrown with no one from the outside giving them orders, but now it is time for the world to stand up for the protesters against the regime. The Iranian freedom fighters deserve better!

"These pro-regime assholes in the west should be worried. They've to be held responsible when the Iranian nation is free from tyranny and Islamic rule."



I agree that the world should rise up now and take a stand to help the freedom fighters to whatever extent it takes.

SFinKS said...

Winston, PLEASE let your family and friends in Iran know that MOST of the people in the USA support the "Green Movement" & the freedom fighters. We are sorry that president obambi is not taking a firmer position in support of the freedom movement instead of setting on the fence, waiting to see shich way the winds will blow him off.

GODS speed and Peace be with you.

Rosemary said...

Rosemary's Thoughts says:

Tehran Today 6/21/09.

This is a link to a video of what is happening in Tehran today. It is not as graphic as some others I've heard about. I can only say that because I cannot bear to watch them...Try the Google Translator...

PS. Good post, Winston. If they were Republicans being protested against, you can be sure obama would open his mouth. But as usual, the Leftists always show their cowardice when the fit hits the shan. I pray our support and efforts do much more than he could ever do. The mullahs are even beginning to take sides! There are cracks in the cement. This is a good thing. Stay in touch.

saggezard said...

It would be an option to put under citizen's arrest as many riot police as possible then to interrogate them with video footage and release the expose their ranks and details.