Monday, June 15, 2009

Marching (UPDATED)

Apparently up to one million people have attended the 4pm rally in Tehran today. From what I read and heard, police and security forces overwhelmed by people's strong presence were not able to do anything and have elected to stay aside and just observe.

I am hopeful that people demand change beyond a re-count of their votes. This momentum should not go to waste. I am hopeful that people start doing what should be done.

P.S: A great piece on AEI blog about the true nature of the ongoing riots in Iran.

Update 1: There are talks of general strike across Iran for tomorrow Tuesday June 16th. That might help cripple the regime's shaky economy. I am hopeful that oil workers join and disable the regime's only source of income.

Update 2: Basiji militants opened fire on protesters killing one in Tehran. Cofirmed report

Update 3: AP confirms death of protesters in Iran

Update 4: High resolution photos from Iran

Update 5: People are told to gather at 5pm in Vali Asr square in Tehran tomorrow. Mousavi has also called for general strike as of tomorrow.


DanInOmaha said...

Go people of Iran! Stand up to the thugs in your government!

Matt said...

Are the rumors true that there is Communist groups trying to hijack some of the protests?

Winston said...

I haven't heard any of those rumors. Commies are outlawed in Iran and they r anti-regime

Mark D. said...

Most of the protesters are young, pro-westerners who like capitalism because its raised them from proverty. I doubt communists have much sway. Go Iran, from a liberal American!

Unknown said...

I've been refreshing your blog every hour since the 13th... I appreciate your coverage on this! If the whole world sees what this backwards theocracy is doing in it's pathetic attempts to stay in power, the Iranian people would have overwhelming support. I haven't been watching the major news networks recently... Are they showing these astonishing pictures of women being beaten for protesting?

Movaseh be khodet bash

Rita Loca said...

I can not thank you enough for these updates!

Jay said...

I bet you wish you were back home in Iran to see this for yourself.

This could be the end of the religious dictatorship!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your updates, Winston!


(Iran Zamin) said...

Hi Winston:

I am writing to all dignitaries about dire situation of Iran. All my writings are posted on the blog.


(Iran Zamin) said...

Hi Winston:

I am writing letters to all dignitaries about dire situation of Iran. My writings to people are same as the one posted on the blog.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the coverage winston

freedom isn't free


Carlos Echevarria said...

Winston, great job, thanks for the updates, saw your links at Gateway Pundit.

However, any sort of movement from Khamenei or the IRG towards trying to crown or de legitimize or diminish Ahmedinejad could be a ruse for Western consumption.

I comprehend you are Iranian but respectfully this present outcome will give cover to Netanyahu (particular in light of his speech yesterday) to move against Iran's pre-nuclear facilities.

Lastly, I comprehend Mousavi represents "hope and change" in the present context, however, as you are undoubtedly aware, the Pres inherently in Iran is beholdened to others and Mousavi's history is not very appealing, particularly on the nuclear front.

Carlos Echevarria said...

BTW, the AEI commentary your linked to is the best analysis of what is transpiring that i have seen so far....thanks for posting.

I am going to link over to your site where I cross post @ Infidel Bloggers Alliance...

Louise said...

Being a rather old biddy, I am marveling at this very real demonstration of the power of technology. People in Iran are creating Youtube videos, using their cell phones in many cases, and uploading them , even hacking and circumventing the attempts of the regime to block all communication, while people in the free world are sending them messages of encouragement and solidarity, even while their governments dither and delay, and which I am pretty sure gives the protesters the courage to continue. Go technology!! Go young people who have the skills to use it!! This couldn't have happened 30 years ago.

eaglewingz08 said...

God Bless you Winston and the tweeters and tubers hopefully they will be more successful than their prior Tiananmen Square protesters. These are acts of extraordinary bravery by the Iranian people. I wish that Mousavi is up to seeking the liberty that the people are shedding blood for, and will not just be another fig leaf for the Mullahs.

Josephine said...

Thank you very much, Winston.

I hope with all my heart that this is the beginning of a positive change for the people of Iran. I hope they can reclaim their country and their cultural heritage. I can't imagine what it must be like to live under such a repressive regime.