Saturday, July 11, 2009

Begging you to go!

This is an interesting short video clip from July 9th protests in Guisha neighborhood , West of Tehran where near the end of the day people have gathered in groups. It's risky for people to even stand together in today's Iran. Well, almost 32 seconds into the clip, you can hear the regular Police officer in charge of anti-riot forces saying: "I beg you my dear to go home. I humbly beg you to disperse/leave. Give yourself a big round of applause and buy yourself ice cream in my name. Please leave". (Buying ice cream refers to a common statement ordinary Iranians use for each other in times of happiness or excitement - weird, I know!). And near the end of the video you can also hear people saying: "Police Force, Thank You! Thank You!"

I've heard/read so many times about police officers not wanting to beat up people or engage in street clashes. I've heard/seen that only Basijis and plain-clothed thugs attack and kill people mercilessly. And what we see in this short clip may confirm that police do not want to be violent. These regular police agents live in that country and I doubt that things happening around them have started to affect them as well. They're underpaid and not well taken care of. Their main body is consisted of conscripts and they hate their jobs for all I know. They live in the very same country and they can not be against the will of their brothers and sisters. I hope these signs of crack among regime's security apparatus grow bigger and deeper. Only if regular army starts to protect people next time Basijis shoot into the crowds or IRGC refuse orders to massacre people. That'll be the end of the mullahs.

Of course the protesters need to show wisdom and kindness in dealing with regular police and security forces. They should not treat them harshly or impolitely. What matters is that protesters need to hit the police where it hurts most: Their emotions and their national pride. Need to shame them by being polite and silent. We've to tell them beating innocent people is shameful and a sin. You know, those kinds of things some of these people may be sensitive to. We'll see where this is going... For all I can feel, the people have become stronger and more united and the regime is suffering from a big divide. That division need to be exploited further. The question is 'WHO' can do it first.

Important Update @ 5am ET: As I was writing this piece, dissident Grand Ayatollah Montazeri has issued series of Fatwas against the regime and ahmadinejad in particular. He's called the system "Oppressive" & "Illegitimate". He says "Fearing the god's subjects is equal to doubting the existence of god/infidelity". He's compared the regime's actions against unarmed people to those of "Stalin's" & other "Fascist systems". It's extremely important to note that Montazeri does not recognize Khamenei's jurisprudence on Islamic affairs. He never believed Khamenei is an Islamic scholar qualified to be the leader and for that he's been under house arrest.


Yikes said...

Montazeri issuing fatwas is big news. The Iranian people need to spread that throughout the country.

FearlessDream said...

Very interesting blog post.

"What matters is that protesters need to hit the police where it hurts most: Their emotions and their national pride. Need to shame them by being polite and silent."

^^Well said!

I have just created another video for Iranians on YouTube that includes a partial timeline of events that have taken place in Iran the past few weeks. I hope you will take a look and pass it on: Iranian Protests Timeline

Keep up the good work!

saggezard said...

Bizarre and twisted Obama in a move to reward Islamic republic's recent bloodbath has release five agents of the regime from detention in Iraq. Everyday Obama looks more and more like Jimmy Carter. We are on our own folks, we got to get our rights bare handed against all odds.