Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Reporting

Apparently Al-Jazeera English has done surprisingly good in its coverage of Iran. I am told by our fellow UK based blogger Azarmehr (now a regular guest on their Iran programs) that they're the best when it comes to the coverage of recent anti-regime protests. I blogged about their great piece on Obama's failing strategies regarding Iran here a few days ago. And I'm beginning to like their work vis a vis Iran. The above video was sent to me by a reader. Enjoy!

Updated: I wonder if the French citizen detained in Iran is the one who produced this one.


MsRightwinger said...

That was an excellent video; I really enjoyed watching it. Thanks for posting!

Potkin Azarmehr said...

Well done Winston for posting this.I watched this half way through and I was wondering of I could find it somewhere. Thank you my friend.

Urban Infidel said...

Very good report! Things like this give me hope for Iran. They will be free. There is no turning back now.