Thursday, July 9, 2009

18 Tir Protests

I talked to a few friends inside of Iran tonight. Every one seemed ready/edgy for something to happen today in Tehran and other major cities. The protests may take place around 4 pm (7:30pm ET) in major intersections and squares of Tehran. It may not be as big as what we saw in the past 2-3 weeks but any protest against this regime is better than nothing at all. It keeps Iran in the news headlines and that's what Mullahs hate. The external coverage of the ongoing unrests against the regime is essential to boost the confidence of those brave people who go out on the streets and confront the thugs.

The UK's Times Online and LA Times have filed similar reports about the possible protests in Iran while the Guardian paper reports that Khamenei's son has been tasked with commanding the militia forces. Stay Tuned!

Update: Clashes in Tehran.

CTV News has an update. And here are several pictures from today's protests in Iran courtesy of BBC Persian. Gooya News has more photos which shows people really do not fear the mullahs any more. That's a big step!

Updated @ 4:30 pm ET: Times of London has videos and reports from Iran.

This pic taken today in Tehran shows a protester holding a banner that reads: RUSSIA, IRANIANS WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!


Louise said...

I am so impressed with how regular journalists and citizen journalists continue to navigate through and around the communications blockages that the regime attempts to through up. But I'm even more impressed with the folks on the streets in Iran. The road ahead is going to be really, really tough, but they seem so determined.

Kafir said...


Please tell your contacts in Iran that a lot of Americans support them but unfortunately, we elected an Appeaser-in-chief. My hope is the Iranians can learn to forgive us our inaction and we won't be featured in any of those signs like Russia is.