Monday, July 6, 2009

Paranoia Sets In

The Iranian regime's paranoia just set in. The French president Sarkozy says the Iranian people deserve a better leadership then a few hours later, the mullahs kidnap a French citizen. Add this to the Canadians, Americans, Brits, Greek and other foreign nationals held in Iran's custody. These are hostages. I expect more foreigners will be kidnapped in the next few days. A regime that kidnaps its own citizen, has no problem kidnapping others. This is a dangerous time to be in Iran. These western morons will be used as bargaining chips with their respective governments. If you care about the people of Iran, leave the country or do not go there. ((The fact that the terrorist Iranian regime announces her detention just now means they might have more of these westerners in custody and will use them as heads of western governments will speak against the regime in the coming days))

My advice to all foreign citizens and dual nationals in Iran:

امروز رییس جمهور فرانسه اعلام میکنه که مردم ایران سزاوار رهبران بهتری هستند و ساعتی بعد شهروند فرانسوی به جرم جاسوسی دستگیر میشه. این رو به لیست کاناداییها ، امریکاییها و انگلیسیهای ربوده شده در ایران اضافه کنید. توصیه من به همه افرادی که پاسپورت خارجی دارن: به سرعت ایران رو ترک کنید

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yikes said...

I told you a couple of months ago that this was going to be a bad summer for visiting Iran. (though my reasons for saying it then had to do with Israel)
Still, not a good time for westerners or dual national Iranians to be there.

Your warning should be heeded.