Sunday, July 5, 2009

Raid Is On

Saudi Arabia will let Israeli jets use its airspace to fly and bomb the Iranian regime's nuke making facilities:
    "The Saudis have tacitly agreed to the Israeli air force flying through their airspace on a mission which is supposed to be in the common interests of both Israel and Saudi Arabia."
Coupled with the Iranian people's anti-regime uprisings in the past few weeks, this could be the end of the crazy criminals in Tehran. I don't think people would get behind a regime that showed no mercy to them when they came to the streets to protest peacefully. A little push from the outside can topple the mullahs once and for all.

Updated: The famous slow Joe Biden gives green light to Israelis to strike the regime's nukes.


Louise said...

Ooooh. Very interesting. I was wondering if Israel would use this opportunity to strike. Obama's gonna have conniptions.

Rosemary said...

If you can get me the address to the ayatollah(sp?) and ahmadinejad, I will write them a strong letter of condemnation stating that they have 24 hours to release all political prisoners or my country will wipe them off the face of the earth! I will do it pretending to be a spy for them, and see how they crap their pants! LOL. I can dream, can[t I?

FearlessDream said...

I sure hope so.... North Korea has me really worried because you know we (the USA) will be the first on their shit list if they get nukes.

If Israel does the dirty work for the world (like they always have to do) by bombing nuclear sites in Iran, then that will at least be one less nuclear threat we have to worry about (for the time being) and can focus more on North Korea at the moment.

Although, I imagine Obama will probably have a hissy fit with Israel on this!

I would hope that you're right about Iranians' not backing the regime if this happens. I really don't see why they would.

We are all walking on fragile ground right now.

Isy said...

Hi. You have a point, but the thing is I'm not entirly sure if the Israeli politicians differentiate between the Iranian regime and the Iranian people. You remember what the head of the Mossad said about the elections not being all too different from regular democratic elections? I think going to war will only make the Iranians hate Israel and forgget about the mullahs (not literally, but it will only serve as a distraction). In any case, the Europeins will accuse Israel of various war crimes even before anything happens, international presure will deside weather there will be a war ultimatly. (when I say international pressure I mean pressure of idiots who have no clue of the region and can't keep thier nose out of other people's buisness).

Urban Infidel said...

What will happen in the event of a strike on a fully operational nuke facility? Will it create an environmental disaster?

Winston said...

@Urban Infidel

I think it will create a nuclear fall-out for sure and there may be disaster in eastern parts of Iran because winds blow west to east. Mind you, eastern parts of Iran are less populated and more of a desert environment.

Louise said...

And now Mr. Dithers is denying it: