Friday, July 24, 2009

Finding hope

Some times I read pieces of commentary that gives me hope and makes me appreciate the country I live in a lot more. Gives me hope that some influential people still care about the threat of the Iranian regime to humanity and our suffering under this religious dictatorship in Iran. Here is one by a Canadian MP on how to deal with Iran:
    "[T]he Iran Accountability Act seeks to focus Canadian -- and international -- attention not only on Iran's nuclear program, but also on its domestic repression and genocidal incitement."
And this comes from a Liberal member of the parliament Mr. Irwin Cotler. I remain hopeful that Prime Minister Harper listens and acts upon the "Iran Accountability Act" mentioned above. Canada and the rest of the free world must help the Iranian people in their struggle for democracy and liberty. This is an attainable goal and no one can help us better than Canada. Why not?!

Updated: Secretary Hitlery Clinton is upset that the current government in Iran is unable to negotiate with the US government. Can the US government get any lower morally? I don't think so. Obama and his minions are dangerous. History will judge Obama. I am sick to my stomach to see an ignorant American tyrant standing with the tyrants of Honduras, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba. How could this happen?


Louise said...

What did I tell you. All those people out in the streets are just getting in the way of the Messiah's plans.

Louise said...

Oh. And good on Canada. Harper has such a backlog of untouched business, but I hope he agrees with this and makes it a priority.