Monday, July 27, 2009

A Mammoth Task

It's funny. What is funny you ask? It's very funny that we're struggling against two tyrannies. One is run by a clueless Marxist in Washington and the other one is Khamenei's regime.

The Iranian people are fighting a vicious system armed to the teeth on a daily basis in the streets and alleys of their cities. And at the same time, the pro-tyranny Hussein Obama and his useless State Dept are doing their best in throwing the mullahs a life line. A life line the mullahs do not deserve or need now. They're dying for good. Why is the US government doing this? Whose side is Obama on? Basically I know the answer since I have seen how he has sided with all the tyrants of the world from Honduras, Cuba, Libya to Russia and Iran in the past 6-7 months but someone gotta ask him the question. Is he really trying to save the mullahs? If yes, then why? What is in it for him?

I guess it's fair to say that the whole world condemned the mullahs this past weekend. Is it not time for this clueless president and his pro-tyranny government to stop supporting the mullahs? What do mullahs have that attract them? I mean, I am sure the oil rich regime could send Obama some more Tony Rezko type persons but I know it borders silly conspiracy. I mean, what the White House is doing to prop up the regime is so stupid that I can't find any reasonable explanations for it. Other than material interests, it can't be anything else. Ask a high school kid about this dilemma and you can get a straight-forward answer.

Is it not remarkable that in the midst of a huge power struggle within the mullahocracy, the Obama people are trying to negotiate a deal? Hey morons... maybe you should understand that a peaceful democratic Iran won't need nuclear weapons. Wait until these savages are gone. Can't you?

I guess we've a mammoth task at hand and it is to fight two tyrannies: Obama's and Khamenei's. Which one's easier to defeat?


Anon said...

Israel will take action afterward. I'm afraid of what that will do to the anti-regime/freedom movement.
Seems like it could go either way.

SFinKS said...

Amen to what you have laid out. My only thoughts on it are that if the Iranian people can hang in there and FINALLY tear down mullah regime and the American people FINALLY get sick and tired of the "foot-in-mouth" fools in this administration and start raising enough hell that Obambi and Hitlery start to listen.

Nope, that ain't going to happen, at least not here in the USA. This administration are such egomanics that they BELIEVE that they know what is best and believe in what they are doing. Even if it destroys this country.

FearlessDream said...

Apparently the Obama administration is not only supporting the Mullahs but also causing the chaos & funding the protests.

Anonymous said...

This post is terribly sad: you have managed to completely misunderstand what is going on and, as a result, have made yourself even more unhappy.

There is no support at all in America for the current regime in Teheran. There are no claims by any reputable person or organization that the mullahs serve any American interests - no matter how cynical the observer.

Those of us with respect for the 5000 year history of Iran are appalled by what has been done to the country and its people in the name of Islam as the Revolution has veered off its course.

No good can come to those who have rejected the "election" from any words of Obama. Indeed, any support at all from outside of the country can and will be seized upon by the regime to attempt to justify its repression -there is ample evidence of this.

By failing to provide an easy, external target, the in-fighting that is currently taking place in the government has been intensified. There is no one to blame but themselves: no mater how hard they try.

There are a great many voices coming from Iran at this difficult time.

Just as those of us outside must keep in mind that we do not have complete knowledge of what is happening there, so must those inside Iran recognize the same fact arising form their limited access to the outside world.

For myself, I hope that Iran will find a way to express itself by having a government which reflects the desires and beliefs of its people. If we are lucky, such a government will make choices that allow it to have good relations with the rest of the world without in any way compromising its dignity.


Winston said...

No dude, I didn't say there is. I said it borders conspiracy to say there is. But from what I can see and hear, it appears the DemoNRats are more interested in keeping the regime alive than to keep the resistance to it alive. And yes, it is a sad post because what's going on is a sad affair. How can any one in good conscience stand by the Iranian regime and extend them an olive branch when hundreds are dead and thousands are jailed or tortured?

Urban Infidel said...

Thanks so much for twittering my blog report on the Iran protests in Times Square! Methinks that 'United for Iran' is not so united at all.

Your friend, Urban Infidel

MsRightwinger said...

Dang straight Winston.

Winston said...

Urban Infidel, we're on the same frequency on that. I have been told it was fronted and organized by people who do not want to get rid of the regime which in fact tells me the regime was somehow behind it. I've received reports from Toronto, Colorado, Wash DC, NYC ... etc that those carrying original Iranian flag were harassed by regime agents and rally organizers.