Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Bday USA

Happy Birthday America!


Cathy York (photog357 on Twitter) said...

Thank you, Winston! I so appreciate your work here. I consider you an American in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Winston,I feel so embarassed by my country's (lack of) response to the Iranian people's own struggle for their liberty. I pray that the same God who guided the American founding fathers to find their way to freedom will also guide Iran's patriots.

FearlessDream said...

Thanks! Ditto what Cathy York said.

saggezard said...

Happy Independence Day to USA
Iran will celebrate its independence from Islam soon.

Executions sponsored by Nokia

saggezard said...

On Obama's Watch "Bearing witness" isn't enough by William Kristol

u know who said...

One day you will be able to be with family & friends in Iran celebrating Iran's Independence Day - the day the regime finally fell.
I hope I can be there to celebrate that one day, too.
; )

Rosemary said...

Winston, I know the longing in your heart to be home, because home is where the heart is. Your family, whom you love, is there. I pray that one day all Americans will saying to your country and you, Happy Independence Day.

My heart breaks for your cuontry and you. We had a moment of silence for the Iranian protesters and the political prisoners at my Tea Party. No, we did not forget, nor shall we.

Thank you for your kind words.