Friday, July 3, 2009

Released photos

Apparently the Iranian regime's news agencies are slowly releasing the photos they've taken during the past few weeks anti-regime unrests across Iran. Here are some of the images taken by IRNA & Mehr News:

First set of photos and here's the 2nd set of pictures. You can also see some photos showing Basij HQ seized and set on fire. Mehr News photos. And here's some more.

Warning: Their website may try to re-adjust the size of your browser. Exercise caution!

: As I was writing this entry BBC News announced that the detained British embassy staff in Iran will face trial. Maybe this will make the useless European Union member-states to act and isolate the Iranian government. Political sanctions coupled with financial sanctions can be very helpful at this point.

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aghrab said...

Hi there, I could not reply to you in the NationalPost (Re: Terry Glavin: Tehran's worst nightmare)as the Article wasn't accepting any more comments. So here is the reply for you my friend:

Dear Winston08
Mr Reza Pahlavi personally hasn’t done anything wrong. But in the public eyes/ opinion all Iranian Kings are seen as “wrong decisions makers” and arrogant individuals (at least during the past 1000 years). It is true that some Iranian people tend to see only the “kings wrong doings”, more than their potentially good deeds. Now, Mr Reza Pahlavi is connected to the past Iranian Kings (by blood-line). So by default some people will unconsciously connect him to all those wrongs in the past too. Mr Pahlavi, should clearly separate himself from all the past mistakes and acknowledge at least some of his own father’s “less then perfect” decisions too. Although they are not his own mistakes, but by acknowledging them he will start projecting the right honesty image needed.

The late Shah has done good things too but unfortunately people only remember the wrongs and that hurts some people’s feeling too. Lets be honest to say that, no-one is perfect and we do need to understand that very well. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t stick always to the past either and it is better to concentrate only on now and future. Mr Reza Pahlavi, may have a lot of good ideas too and the people should be open-minded enough to give any genuine Iran lover a chance to prove itself. We should stop thinking we are the only right ones in here and start really appreciating the “collective power of knowledge”.

As for Mr Banisadr and the other people who genuinely love Iran too. They all have done some mistakes as well, by not completely understanding the analytical capabilities of the normal Iranian people at that time. They have miss calculated a lot of things when it came to assessing the People’s Political Maturity/ Knowledge VS their Pure Emotional State Of Mind (during the early stages of the so called revolution). That revolution was premature and that is why very soon the public momentum unknowingly handed over the power to the totally wrong people. In reality people could have had a better chance of achieving a more mature “reform” by communicating their needs with Shah (right at the end) rather than trusting Khomeini.

Khomeini was furious and had a very personal grudges against the Shah and his father from the beginning. He would see the situation only true the hater and bloodshed eyes. The current realities of this Islamic regime are good evidence for my claims in here. The Shah was not perhaps the best available option at the time, but at least he was educated enough to work with the people.Yes, Shah did mistakes and I am sure at the end, he has realised them all and really wanted to correct them but sadly it was too late.

They Ayatollahs rubbed the revolution from the people right from the beginning by emotionally charging people to look only for “bloodshed and revenge” not the rationale to resolve their problems. Do you know what the saddest thing is right now? The Ayatollahs are doing it yet aging and our people blindly falling into their traps, even right after 30 years. We Iranian people are too emotional, either we love someone unconditionally or we hate them to death, we do need to start learning a bit of moderation now. We need to be brave enough to say that the West or East is not responsible for our own premature decisions.

My friend, try to put the emotions aside and honestly look at the available/ logical options in here. Only then you may have a chance to live relatively free.

Unity is the key not the Vanity.

Terry Glavin: Tehran's worst nightmare