Monday, July 20, 2009

Hold A Referendum

The smiling mullah Khatami has suggested there should be a referendum on the legitimacy of Ahmadinejad's government. What a moron! The whole system is illegitimate and not wanted by the people. Hold a referendum on yourself, smily mullah.[+]

This is where people should be very careful. The reform wing of the regime is also trying to save their butts at the expense of those killed, injured and jailed. This is where we 'Regime Changers' differ with 'Reformers'. We want a "REFERENDUM" on the legitimacy of the whole Islamic Republic. It's time we should begin demanding a referendum on the survival and future of this criminal entity aka Islamic Republic under the supervision of trusted international institutions and not just UN... The reformist faction of this apocalyptic regime is consisted of the same criminals who established this theocracy 30 yrs ago. We shouldn't let them distract us from our legitimate demands of removing the mullahocracy and replacing it with a secular democratic parliamentary form of government.

Why should we trust a system that has already stolen our votes? If the regime stole the votes once, then it can steal them again. Why should any sane Iranian citizen trust a system that has already damaged our trust in the first place? No, No, No! Not gonna happen... Hold a referendum on the legitimacy of the regime under the full supervision of the trusted entities in the international community.

شیخ خندان خاتمی پیشنهاد برگزاری همه پرسی در مورد دولت احمدی نژاد رو مطرح کرده. مبادا به چاه و تله این عده کم عقل بیافتیم که اسهال طلبان هم خواستار بقای رژیم تمامآ نامشروع خویش هستند. همه پرسی در صورت برگزاری باید در مورد ادامه حیات حکومت جهل و جنایت اسلامی باشه و نه صرفا در مورد بخش کوچکی از ان به سرپرستی تیر خلاص زن احمدی نژاد. اینجاست که ما طرفداران تغییر کلی رژیم در ایران با این اسهال طلبان حزب بادی تفاوت ژرفی داریم. اجازه ندهیم با هزینه کردن جوانهای ایران به عمر حکومت ترور و جهل خود ادامه دهند. و اگر رفراندومی هم قرار هست انجام شود باید در مورد تغییر این رژیم جانی و ضد ایرانی باشد. در ضمن این ایده رفراندوم درباره دولت احمدی نژاد خنده دار هست. چرا باید به رژیمی که رای مردم رو دزدیده دوباره اعتماد کرد. ایا میشه به سیستمی که رای مردم رو نادیده میگیره دوباره اطمینان کرد. نخیر که نمیشه. تنها راه این هست که زیر نظر سازمانهای مورد اعتماد بین المللی (غیر از سازمان دزد ملل متحد) در ایران همه پرسی علیه کلیت رژیم برگزار بشه


Louise said...

Great minds think alike!!;) I wrote something along those lines myself on my blog earlier today. Even if the referendum is about the legitimacy of the election results, there is no reason that the great masses of people can mark their ballots with some slogan that gets the message across.

I'm beginning to think that every time one of the old fart mullahs opens his mouth, no matter what side of the divide he's on, it just plays into their much feared "collapse" of the system. I can see both reformers and hardliners can see the writing on the wall and everything they try to do to turn back the tide just presents a fresh opportunity for the masses of people to call their bluff and further discredit the entire structure. Go Iran!!

Winston said...

no... we don't trust the regime. No need to hold a referendum on the disputed election. Hold one on the disputed SYSTEM. ;-)

Yikes said...

"Hold a referendum on yourself, smily mullah."


And you're right. I hear & read people everyday who are being taken in by Khatami, Rafsanjani, etc.

These guys are murderers trying to save themselves.

Louise said...

As far as I'm concerned the only legitimate referendum would be, as you say, one that passes judgment on the system itself and it would have to be supervised and the votes counted by a neutral third party which is not in any way connected to the regime or the religion it pretends to uphold.

If this idea of a referendum does come to fruition, the masses of voters either have to stay away from the polls or, if they go, spoil their ballots. The strategy should be worked out before hand. Either no one turns out to vote or everyone spoils their ballot.

And if the spoiled ballot is the option chosen every voter should do it in precisely the same way, like with a single agreed upon word or phase scratched across the ballot paper, just like they're doing with the paper currency.

In other words, turn it into another instance of peaceful resistance which will demonstrate clearly that which is at the heart of the discontent.