Sunday, July 19, 2009

We Don't Care

I have been vocal in my disapproval of Obama's presidency and his radical leftist agenda in destroying the American society. But one could say that it's their country and internal politics shouldn't concern me much, even though I do care about the United States as much as I care about what's happening in Iran. I see how Iran and America have had a glorious past and how they can be friends again. I know that the United States has been a force for good in the world and it should continue to be so. But as far as I see Mr. Obama has been busy disabling/dismantling the United States arsenal of freedom with his massive public spending bills and coward attitude in matters of foreign policy and has aimed to really turn America to a socialist dead-land like France, Canada or Britain. That said, nothing has enraged me more about him than his bizarre and dangerous approach towards the Iranian regime since taking office in January. He's proven to be a dangerous man.

While the mullahs are butchering the best and the brightest of Iran, the shameless Obama and his minions are still trying to revive this dead regime in Tehran. This is outrageous. I really don't get it. What's in it for them? Don't they understand the implications of a free Iran for the whole world? Don't they understand that a free Iran will greatly benefit the American interests in the region and through out the world. Don't they really understand that a free and peaceful Iran can help roll back Russian's outreach in the region and curtail the radical Islamic terrorism in the region? Why don't they understand this simple fact of geopolitics? Why can't he bring himself up to talk against our common foe and denounce them?

Oh well, I forgot what I said above. Obama doesn't like to see his own country superior to others. He doesn't have the moral courage to stand up for the American values. He's busy destroying the American society by offering socialized medicine and cap & trade bill. This is just preposterous and shameful. As we've all seen in the past few weeks, the majority of the Iranians do not want their rulers any more. Why would the White House and State Dept want to negotiate with an illegitimate government? It's like the US government saying 'We don't care about your cause' or 'we don't care if they are killing you, we want to save our own skin'. Just like the colonialists in Europe for the past 30 yrs. Those morons in charge of Iran policy in the US State department and the idiots in the White House must be either insane or totally ignorant. Words can't even describe my anger!

I think I am expecting a lot from a government and a US president who is ashamed of his own country. Guess we're expecting a lot from a man who shakes hands with dictators of the world and accepts gifts from them. What will the USA look like by the time this idiot is out of office in 2012?

If you know why these jerks want to keep the Iranian regime on life support then drop me a line and enlighten me please.

new update: Why do we hate Russia

دولت حسین اوباما همچنان بر مذاکره با رژیم ایران پافشاری میکند. مذاکره با رژیم جنایتکار ایران چه ثمره ای برای این عده داره من که متوجه نیستم. دولت ایران مورد قبول مردم ایران نیست و اونوقت این عده بی شرم در واشنگتن هنوز بر مذاکره با اخونده پافشاری میکنند. واقعا که رو میخواد بخدا


Yikes said...

I know how you feel.
Many foreign policy experts have wondered what the Obama administration is doing and why he isn't taking advantage of what's going on in Iran now, in order to help bring down the regime.

More and more people are saying that regime change is the only answer to the world problems caused by the Iranian regime.

We can only hope that it finally sinks in. Who knows, maybe Hillary will end up being the one to finally take that stand and convince the administration that it's best for the U.S. and the world.

Well, I can dream anyway, can't I?

Louise said...

Quite simply, the Iranian people have foiled his plans. He wants to be the great healer, going about the world and reversing all the trouble and turmoil America has caused. After all, if a country is ruled by a ruthless dictator, the people must want it that way. Who are the Americans to tell them how they should be governed?

Iran was going to be the inaugural event launching his new world order. Those pesky Iranians out in the streets in Tehran and elsewhere are just getting in the way of his grand dream of remaking America into a kinder gentler nation. How dare they interfere! To hell with them.

Balimask said...

As much as I wish it was not so, the US having allied with the rest of world appears to be more interested in seeing Israel degraded, humiliated, etc, then helping to bring about free secular Iran.

When it comes down to it especially with obama occupying with white house, it's simply a case of the US saying to the Iranian regime "you hate jews, we hate jews, since that appears to be the only thing we can agree on, lets become friends and screw freedom."

Free Iran!

Mehran said...


Absolutely spot on! If I read or hear about 'Operation Ajax' once more from the why-can't-we-all-just-get-along brigade, I swear I will go out and commit an act of homicide!

Urban Infidel said...

Obowma the Unready is too busy prosecuting those who kept us safe, releasing terrorists, subjugating himself to dictators and enemies of the USA, cramming his Statist agenda through and checking out girls' asses to care about ordinary Iranians.

When all is said and done I'm pretty sure that the Iranians won't forget the fact that Obowma squandered a critical opportunity. I know I won't!

Rosemary said...

I agree with everyone who has posted, but here is the answer to your question. Do you remember what a hard time the State Dept. gave to President Bush? That is because he did NOT want to just leave things as they are. He wanted to bring freedom to the region. That is why there were so many lying leaks coming out of there.

See, the State Dept. wants everything to be 'stable'. To them, stability means that everything stays the same. The State Dept. likes to have their fancy parties and talks during negotiations. They give a damn about the citizens of any country including this one. That is the department that we have the most commies in. Why do you think I hate it so much?

Other than that, Obama is an ass. He would like to be a dictator himself, but he knows we Americans would not stand for it. We shocked him with our Tea Parties, and he's feeling the heat. I just wish he gave a hoot about people more than he does fish...

FearlessDream said...

You nailed this one, Winston!

Although it's pretty much taboo here in the States (at least where I'm from) to say you did not vote for Obama, I must say, I'm proud I did not vote for this apologetic, idealistic ass of a President.

Obama is too busy apologizing to the rest of the world for America's blunders during the Bush administration (although WE were the ones attacked on 9/11), when he should be apologizing to the Iranian people for his insulting blunder of legitimizing this criminal theocratic regime. HAS HE FORGOTTEN THE COUNTLESS ACTS AND WORDS OF SOLIDARITY THE IRANIAN PEOPLE SHOWED FOR US WHEN 2,973 PEOPLE WERE MURDERED ON AMERICAN SOIL ON 9/11? Where the hell has his show of support been in their time of desperate need?

He's too busy obsessing over Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the rights of a Palestinian society, whose nationalist movement has been based more on the destruction of Israel than on the creation of its own state, while he completely ignores a peaceful democracy movement in Iran brutally crushed by radical simpletons with guns. Is this his idea of a utopic, peaceful society?

I hope that in my lifetime I can see our two nations become friends, but it's not going to happen under this regime. Obama had a great opportunity here, and he blew it right out the window.

If the Iranians never forgive Obama for his indifference to their struggle, I will not blame them one bit. I just hope you all can forgive us, the American people, for not being able to do enough.

FearlessDream said...

"What will the USA look like by the time this idiot is out of office in 2012?"

Many Americans are wondering the same. An air of uneasiness is looming at the moment.

Louise said...

Mehran, behind every ancient grudge still festering is an army of academics,lawyers and political hacks whose livelihood is dependent on keeping that sense of grievance alive and well. Those whose maturity and wisdom allows them to move on don't buy into it. Those who fall for it are used as cannon fodder by the grievance industry and are never allowed to grow up.

dmbream said...

Preach on , brother!

Robert said...

While the Obama administration chooses to side with evil (as practically all Leftists do), most of the American people I know strongly support the Iranians' desire to liberate themselves from the evil theocracy. If the current government of Iran were to be overthrown, so many of the trouble spots throughout the Middle East would also disappear, as they are actively fomented by the current Iranian regime. Any morally straight U.S. president would by now likely be supplying arms to the ordinary Iranian citizens across both its Iraqi and Afghan borders so the people could more effectively fight and overthrow the current Iranian regime which is the source of at least a majority of the evil in this world. I did what I could last November in voting against the Obamination, as I knew about the major red flags in his background, thanks to the reporting of internet media. Our best hope for getting a morally straight U.S. government as soon as possible would be if we in the U.S. could sweep out the (National) Socialists that have taken over the Democratic party in the 2010 elections, and sweep in a House filled with true American patriots, who would impeach Obama for treason, and a Senate that would convict him and remove him from power. At least Joe Biden is an American, supposedly with America's best interests at heart, though it's hard to tell with Leftists, who seem to have loyalty only to a party (faction), rather than the entire country. It may still take until January 2013 before we have a U.S. government that actually supports liberty in the world once more. This administration is yet another reminder why Leftists absolutely, positively CANNOT be trusted!

There may even be a quicker way to get the Obamination out of power - prove conclusively that he is ineligible for the presidency, which requires he be a natural born U.S. citizen. If somebody can get access to his actual long form birth certificate, or school records which Obama has been so desperate to hide, and expose information from them that proves conclusively that Obama is at most a Naturalized citizen, he would be immediately recognized as being a usurper with no legitimate power, and all his actions null and void. It's hard for many to believe that we could actually have a sworn enemy of the U.S. and liberty as president of the U.S. But the more Obama shows of himself, the more convinced I am that that assessment is a correct assessment.

janemariemd said...

I too am disgusted by our President's pathetic foreign policy, and truly mystified that he would meddle in Honduran affairs--a country that has NO strategic value for us (although I certainly wish the Honduran people freedom and democracy, as I wish for everyone), yet NOT offer strong support, as the (supposed) leader of the free world, to the people of Iran, whose country has been entangled with ours for decades. Please be confident many many Americans hope and pray for your people every day, and would like to know how we can help, if it is possible, besides offering our prayers for the Iranian people, and working to elect a different President in 2012.