Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Conspiracy Here

I am not into silly conspiracies that see an evil hand in almost every thing. However when it comes to the current Iranian regime then I'm willing to consider them. They seem to fit the agenda so here are a few of them that I heard today regarding the tragic crash of a Russian built airplane near city of Tehran:

1- The regime wanted to divert attention from the past 3-4 weeks bloodshed by blowing up an airplane.

2- The mullahs wanted to turn the majority pro-western Iranians against the western countries so they blew up the aircraft and now blaming it on western embargoes.

3- The regime wanted to direct the public anger at something minor like an airplane crash.

4- They had filled the aircraft with dissidents and political detainees and blew it up.

5- Majority of passengers were young guys and girl flying to Armenia to attend a concert by a famous Iranian-Armenian singer named Andy who recently sang for the Iranian democracy movement along with Jon Bon Jovi.

6- Georgian ambassador's family was on board this aircraft and the Russians blew it up.

And the silly rumors go on and on. But one thing is clear to me and it's the fact that in a non-transparent society where news media outlets are owned by the government and feed its people crap instead of real news then rumors start to fly. Rumors instead of factual news stories & reports spread like wild fire across the country and poison the minds. [+]

In any event, even if our gorgeous mullahs wanted to divert the world's attention from the recent bloodbath to a tragic plane crash, I think it is gonna backfire on them soon. It shows to the world that this regime has no respect for the lives of its citizens again whatsoever. People will die in Iran, unfortunately, as long this crazy and irresponsible system is in place.


saggezard said...

The finger prints of the repulsive criminal regime is all over the air crash.
Expose the fools who want to believe Islamic regime has not conspired to kill people. If conspiracies did not exist then there would not be so many laws on the books trying to regulate them. Was the election of the Islamic regime not another failed attempt and a conspiracy to once again show an illusion of a free election in Iran. Remember Cinema Rex fire in Abadan, that was a conspiracy to discredit the Shah. Was the sale of arms for hostages not a conspiracy or just an effort to balance the war? Is every terrorist attack a conspiracy to kill people? Simpletons in the West for years ridiculed us for being paranoid conspiracy theorists because of pointing out massive deceptions in our history.

Louise said...

Nah, it was the Zionist entity.

Fariborz Shamshiri said...

Whether the rumor about shooting the plane down would be true or not, doesn’t make any difference because we know mullahs take their bloody ambitions serious.

The choices mullah were making since 1979 inevitably took us to this path, resulting in isolation and somehow paralyzed, rather “dead end”, resulting in death of innocent people in every different occasion.

Winston said...

sag jan, I am with you but I don't buy conspiracies when they are so silly to believe like the role of UK in governing Iran or that America is in bed with the mullahs to sell arms or BS like that... But I am to believe that Mullahs have committed conspiracies to kill innocent people around the globe. There are so many of them to name but like I said, when it comes to the mullahs, I am willing to consider their merits. I am to believe that regime kills people to meet its goal. And maybe one day we will be able to figure out how many people died in needless air crashes to divert attention or they died because they opposed the ideology of the regime. There are so many suspicious air crashes after the revolution that it is hard to dismiss this one as a mere air accident.

Sohrab said...

I think the key is, as long as the IRI doesn't permit transparency and accountability, then there will be rumors and conspiracies. Even mundane events are under suspicion precisely because the regime operates on the basis so much smoke and mirrors.

Yikes said...

Well, I did read that the Iranian Junior Judo Champs were on board. Don't know how many in all.

I wonder if there was anyone significant to the regime onboard...someone they wanted to get rid of