Friday, July 17, 2009

Sold Out

Rafsanjani just ended his Friday sermon. He sold out the protesters and Iranian people again. It was wrong to expect him to come out in defense of protesters and detainees. He saved his own skin by selling out all of us to the wolves. His voice was shaky, almost in tears and rambling endlessly. He warned of regime's collapse if the unity of the system is diminished.

As I'm writing this, protesters are clashing with the regime security forces in and around Tehran's university campus.

Update: has callers on the ground in Tehran. I can hear crowds chanting against the regime. Some of the chants are: 'Death to Dictator', 'Death to Russia'. The caller says there seem to be thousands of the protesters in and around Tehran university campus.

Update at 6:50 am ET: Multiple reports indicate that large crowds of people are marching in force towards the regime TV/Radio headquarters in North of Tehran.


Mehran said...

Why anyone ever got worked up about and invested any hope in this duplicitous, corrupt, self-serving, cynical and callous opportunist is beyond me. His record speaks volumes his wretchedness as an individual and a politician.

Remember, this wily little mullah has managed to outlast and out-manoeuvre everyone who was anyone at the beginning of the revolution: Bani-Sadr, Yazdi, Ghotbzadeh, Taleghani, Beheshti, and Khomeini himself (even Seyyed Ali Geda nearly got blown up at one stage). And he has not only escaped exile, assassination or disgrace, but has actually prospered financially and become quite powerful within the theocracy.

Do you for one minute think that this odious man was going to risk everything and side with the protestors? Why would he? His sermon, from the snatches I've read (as I can't bring myself to sit through the whole of the rambling nonsense) is a perfect example of obfuscation and playing both sides.

And yet, and yet...Our dear, naive compatriots carry on believing that somehow it is possible to bring about radical change from within this vile regime - and get themselves killed for....Rafsanjani? Oh, please.

Louise said...

Reading the tweets that are arriving at #iranelection like an avalanche makes me want to believe that today may be the day that the regime falls. I so hope that it happens very, very soon.

Louise said...

I wonder how Russia will react? I hope we don't see another Georgia.