Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tehran's Misogyny

Canadian moderate Islamic activist Tarek Fatah has written a stellar piece on Iran's vicious misogyny in today's National Post newspaper and the reasons behind Iranian regime's hatred for our brave women:
    "This time, it is the mothers and daughters of Iran who have rebelled against the Islamic Republic of Iran and have come out in the streets to lead the men."
Yes. Couldn't say it better myself. I'm grateful for having such women. And I believe that the future of Iran, a free Iran of course, belongs to its women. I guess the most powerful element of the Iranian society that deserves gratitude and empowerment is its women. They've suffered more than any one else under this vicious regime since 1979 and now they're taking the good fight to the regime and have paid the ultimate price with their precious blood. They need to be empowered and encouraged. I salute them!


Anonymous said...

the west-backed protest will soon end. ahmadinejad has won and that's all what's important here.

Rob Misek said...

Do you think part of radical Islam's misogyny and hatred for the west is a result of the feminist movement here?

I mean if we knew womens rights would breed feminism and with it abortion, homosexuality and affirmative action, would we have embraced it?

Josephine said...

Well said, Winston.

Winston said...

@ Rob

no I don't think so. The hatred goes back to centuries ago. It's beyond the modern times' issues and has nothing to do with those silly stuff

Rob Misek said...

Do you really think murder, inequality and corruption are "silly stuff"?

The choice to deny the truth has always been the turning point to evil.

Here are a few tidbits of truth that you can either accept or deny. Ignorance is no longer an option.

As defined by DNA fingerprinting science a fetus is a unique individual and absolutely not the mothers body. Killing one in abortion to avoid the responsibility of pregnancy is still murder.

The inability to choose monogamous reproduction defines homosexuality as less than equal to heterosexuality. The reason for our social degeneration is clear when we choose not to discriminate between unequal behaviors.

In any selection process one cannot guarantee both equal oppourtunity and equal result. By claiming to guarantee equal result, affirmative action opposes equal opportunity.

I suggest that if we knew then what we know now about the irresponsible lunacy of feminism, we would never have allowed it to grow into the widespread evil that it is today.

Islamists recognize feminism for what it is.

There are 2500 abortions in the US every single day. Every two days more innocent helpless individuals are murdered by feminists and their accomplices than all the US soldier deaths in the war on terror to date.

History will judge us by our actions and commend Islam for rejecting feminism.

Winston said...

Hey... don't lecture me about what's truth or what's not. You go ahead and commend Islam for rejecting women's right and yeah I call it silly. No, I call it stupid. The Islam's hatred for the west has nothing to do with feminism, you idiot. It's older than modern times' evil stuff. It goes back to 1000 yrs ago. Where was feminism then? Get a life plz or if you like Islam and hate feminism that much, convert to Islam right now. pfffff.....

MsRightwinger said...

@ Rob--What the heck?!?! You are a mis-representation of and disgrace to all pro-life individuals. I have and always will defend the rights of the unborn and I am definitely not a feminazi, but the persecution that Iranians (especially the women) endure in Iran at the hands of the Islamic regime is way out of the spectrum that you have apparently envisioned. Perhaps if you were to take a trip over there and see it first-hand you would be enlightened. If you lived in that culture and had seen your mother beaten in the streets until she was soaked in her own blood, your father hanged, and your little sister raped....all for crimes such as showing too much hair, holding a boy's hand in public, reading a western novel, or voicing dissapproval of the government, I think you would change your mind. How dare you condone Islam for its blatant disregard of the most basic human rights. Do your cultural and religious research before making such self-assured, yet regrettably mis-informed statements.

FearlessDream said...

Rob said: "There are 2500 abortions in the US every single day. Every two days more innocent helpless individuals are murdered by feminists and their accomplices than all the US soldier deaths in the war on terror to date."

Excuse me, Rob, but as an ardent feminist, I don't appreciate people like you assuming that we're a bunch of murderers. Maybe you don't support abortion, but your rant here is way over the line. Not all feminists support abortion, but so what if many do...

You say that Islamists "recognize feminism for what it is." If you are referring to feminism as a murderous entity, which it seems you are, why don't you try taking a closer look at the Islamists, who would not think twice about killing you just because of who you are.

And honestly, I'd much prefer living in a place in which women are treated as human beings (which is what feminism is all about) rather than being told by some patriarchal Islamists who wish to destroy the idea of an egalitarian society that what I think doesn't matter and that I am only worth half as much as a man.

Rob, feminism is not lunacy. Your sick way of thinking is. That you would support fundamentalist Islam's subjugation and ill-treatment of women is despicable.

And try taking a course on feminist history before you attempt to debase what women have worked so hard to acheive and are still trying to acheive as we speak: equality and respect. But to save you the effort, this nine-letter statement should sum up what feminism really is: "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." ~Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler

Anyways, enough with my opinion on that....

Nice post, Winston. The strength of women in Iran has given me a renewed sense of pride as a woman in this patriarchal world. I wish I could meet some of them and thank them for representing women in the best way possible.

It's unfortunate that in our society, young girls' role models amount to Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, when the real heroines are the likes of Iranian women who courageously lead men in the fight for freedom and refuse to take no for an answer.

Clare Boothe Luce said: "Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, 'She doesn't have what it takes.' They will say, 'Women don't have what it takes.'"

Well, the Iranian women protesters have defnitely shown that women do have what it takes. My hat goes off to all of them....

Rob Misek said...

I don't hear about 2500 women getting murdered by Islamists daily.

Yet feminists call their murders a right, and you support them.

I don't support any murder or unjustified inequality.

My point is that women in the west need to publicly denounce the evils of feminism.

Then maybe they can take the high road when dealing with Islam.

Winston said...

Rob, are you retarded or what?