Friday, August 14, 2009

RP in Germany

Iran's crown prince Reza Pahlavi was interviewed by Germany's Spiegel magazine yesterday and I think this one has been his best interview in so far as he got to cover many areas from the recent uprisings to the propaganda against his late father, in such a short piece:
    "What is new is the clarity with which the most senior religious leaders are speaking out against Khamenei. These are the most respected leaders of the faith, not only because of their high religious status, knowledge and rectitude but also because of their independence from government."
It's important to note that people like Reza Pahlavi with apparent access to dissident clerics have to exploit the gap between the regime and disenfranchised clerics. The wider the gap, the faster the regime will collapse. Remember, Tehran and other major cities can not unseat the mullahs alone. Rural areas must join and the dissident ayatollahs can make that happen since they have many followers among those living in distant corners of the country.

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saggezard said...

Wondering if these sniper rifles sold by Austria to Islamic Republic were used also to shoot Iranian people,1518,466284,00.html