Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Terrorists are worried

The ongoing abuse stories are getting large publicity inside and outside of Iran and there's no way mad mullahs can hide their crimes. The authorities closed down Karoubi's newspaper days after he came out courageously speaking about the rape/abuse cases. The closure meant another round of protest and nothing can stop people's anger at this regime now.

What has also caught my attention in the past 2-3 days was this statement by Hamas terrorists who could not hide their nervousness about the ongoing anti-regime protests in Iran. If there's only one good reason to help kill this regime, then this is it. The fear the terrorists have over the collapse of this criminal regime in Iran makes a good compelling case to have the mullahs removed. Help us neutralize this regime now before it is too late. The world will be a much safer place if these criminals in Tehran are removed for good.


Mehran said...


The link doesn't work.

Winston said...

which link?

Mehran said...

The Hamas statement

Winston said...

Fixed it for ya ;-)