Saturday, August 22, 2009

They're all the same

Frankly I had little doubt about who Rafsanjani's and his cronies' loyalties lay with. They are not with us. They've been against us for as long as I can remember. The Iranian regime has not changed much since its founding in 1979. One could argue that it has got worse over time. More arrogant, more dangerous and more lethal than ever before. It's the same regime that took US Embassy workers hostage for 444 days and today it is holding several American and western citizens hostage again. Personally, I never believed this regime could be reformed.

Thousands of our brave people are dead, jailed, raped and disappeared in the aftermath of the past 2 month anti-regime clashes/protests and yet these murderers have remained together. Why shouldn't they? They know that their very survival is in their lethal unity. They may hate each other but they work together to survive.

Why did any one think that Rafsanjani would not urge people to back Khamenei? This regime is dying. He knows it better than any one else. His survival depends on the survival of the whole establishment. Rafsanjani is one of them. Why should any one think that a murderer like Rafsanjani would support the Iranian people's demand to overthrow this rapist regime? I didn't think he would. Never did and now this is the time for every one to see who this corrupt killer is. It was wrong for so many people to bet on him and I hope they're now proven wrong.

بعد از اینکه هزاران نفر از مردم بیگناه ایران کشته و زندانی شدن و صد ها نفر مورد تجاوز قرار گرفتند. شخص جنایتکار رفسنجانی از مردم میخواهد که پشت سر خامنه ای باشند. امیدوارم اون عده نادان و بیخردی که به شخص دزدی مثل رفسنجانی چشم یاری و کمک داشتند از خواب غفلت بیدار شده و ببینند که این حکومت سر و پا یک کرباس هست. تفاوتی بین خامنه ای و احمدی نژاد و رفسنجانی نیست. اصلاح طلب و مرتجع در این حکومت ضد ایرانی با هم متحد هستند. چرا نباشند؟ همگی اینها دزد و ادمکش و تروریست پرور هستند زیرا که زندگی و جان خود را مدیون این انقلاب ضد انسانی و ضد ایرانی خود میبینند. چرا رفسنجانی باید به مردم بپیونده وقتی دستش به خون همین مردم الوده هست. امیدوارم از خواب غفلت بیدار شید و ببینید که این حکومت سر تا پا از یکعده متجاوز حنسی و روانی تشکیل شده


Mehran said...

Iranians are a curious blend of opportunism and naïveté. They want to think of themselves as being extremely pragmatic, while at the same time are deluding themselves every inch of the way with all sorts of wish-fulfilling nonsense.

Time and time again they've invested hope in one of these Islamist criminals, and they've been cruelly disappointed, only for them to then project their expectations on to another murderous crook, with predictable consequences.

When that old monster Khomeini was on his death bed, people were saying 'Oh things will be good when Rafsanjani takes over'. And of course nothing changed when he became president. The economy carried on stagnating, the women carried on wearing the dreadful hejab, the mullahs got fatter and fatter, Hezbollah and Hamas carried on getting financed, and the dissents at home and abroad continued getting murdered.

Then people got all euphoric over that charlatan Khatami, the 2nd of Khordad movement and all that bullshit talk of 'dialogue of civilisations'. You want to know what happened next? Read the above paragraph.

Recently Moussavi became the new saviour, with people conveniently forgetting about and/or forgiving his criminal past. And in the middle of the post-election mayhem that wily old fox Rafsanjani kept largely quiet, and then made one single, rambling and quite deliberately ambivalent speech, and he was suddenly hero of the hour.

What's the matter with you, people?

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Why do Iranians insist on believing that salvation can only come through this regime?

People of Iran, wake up. Whilst you have shown great courage in the past two months (and indeed all throughout these thirty years) and made the world sit up and listen to you and watch you in admiration, you have got to stop believing in fairy tales.

Reject this cruel, medieval monstrosity in its entirety. You basically have two - and only two - options: carry on living under barbaric religious tyranny, or overthrow it and have a normal country like everywhere else. There isn't a third option.

You know why? Because this regime is totally and utterly incapable of being reformed. You cannot have a theocracy with a human face: it's an oxymoron. Get rid of this regime. Accept no compromise. Do not listen to anyone who is either associated with the regime or remotely sympathetic to it.

Down with the Islamic Republic. End of.

Winston said...


saggezard said...

For years the Islamic establishment has raised the hopes of people for change and then shatters them to reinforce apathy, as Mehran explains. For most, the green movement was not for reforming the establishment, the people showed their total disgust of the the whole Islamic regime by their heroic acts. There is a lot that can be done, the movement is still young. Just remember never to believe or trust any part of the regime, the reformer, the hardliner, the now disgruntled revolutionaries, Kadivars, Ganjis, Rafsanjanis, Khatamis.... Any part of the old guard must first explicitly denounce their affiliations with the Islamic revolution and act in the removal of the Islamic regime.

yikes said...

Of course you're right, Winston.
They're all the same - evil, murderers, thieves

Arash said...

Mehran: You summed it up so well, I have nothing else to add, you've said everything I wanted to, and you said it far more eloquently. Nice one :)


Mehran said...

Thanks Arash :)

Rosemary said...

I hate him as much as I hate the creator of Hibulla, Mousa, and I stated so on IranElection. I am in favor of the Iranian PEOPLE, not their thugs. 'Nuf said.

SZ said...

If "winston" would allow people who don't agree with his vitriolic view of the world to post on his blog, maybe he would get more posters and more discussion. Instead, he is a modern day Nazi.

Winston said...

Kettle calling pot black? See who's talking... One should only look at your bigoted and hateful comments at Azarmehr's blog comment section to see what a vile animal you're. Hey, asshole, this is my blog and I get to publish anything I want. You want to be heard, go ahead and run your own website/blog. Don't whine here because seriously I don't care about morons like you. Get lost!

Nuff said...

Winston said...

btw, don't worry about number of posters and discussions here. I have enough viewers, readers and posters here and on twitter. Get a life!

Mehran said...

SZ describes his pitiful blog thus: 'This blog serves to expose the Arrogance, and Stupidity of the American media (note the capital letters, used I guess for emphasis) regards to Iran and other foreign policy choices facing the United States...Its (sic)a realistic view of the world, and a realistic assessment of what needs to be done to maintain world peace and equality blah, blah, blah, yawn, zzzzzz.....'

And where is he exposing American Arrogance and Stupidity from? Why, Houston, Texas of course. Where else? Why would he want to put his money where his mouth is and actually live in the delectable Islamic Republic of Iran, when he can be having a great time living in the midst of arrogant and stupid Americans?

They're all the same, Winston. Hypocrites down to the last one. And I liked the jibe about your allegedly 'vitriolic' views of the world, unlike the mullahs who would like nothing better than to see world peace

Winston said...

Well, this asshole SZ probably needs a good shrink and then a kick in his groins. I have to delete 2-3 of his comments daily. He knows I don't publish his hateful, foul mouthed comments yet he keeps on doing it. Goes to show his level of insanity and mental problems.

این عوضی از رو نمیره. هر روز میاد اینجا 3-4 تا کامنت میذاره هر چی لیاقت خودش و اجدادش هست رو به من و شما میگه من هم مرتب کامنتهاش رو پاک میکنم یا چاپ نمیکنم. فکر کنم به روانپزشک نیاز داره