Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Canadian Leadership

This is leadership. This is moral clarity and courage. Thank you Canada!

Watch the other part here

UPDATE: Canadian Foreign Minister on Fox News tonight explaining why Canadian delegation walked out on Iranian thug in chief Ahmadinejad:

Still can't stop laughing at Qaddafi's UN speech 12 hrs after it. What a show! I'd pay top dollar to see it again live & in person.


Arash said...

Well done Canada! Well done to every nation that refused to listen to that dictator!


SFinKS said...

I am so impressed by the action of Canadian leadership. They showed the world (as did all others who followed suit) how the world should have ALL reacted toward the mullahs and the little weasel "prez" Ahmadiney. Just wished the US would have shown the same leaderswhip rather than waiting till he had started his babbling.