Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unbelievable Courage

PM Netanyahu in an interview with Fox News today:
    "The Iranian people showed unbelievable courage going out there in the streets again and again."
We certainly appreciate the Israeli Prime Minister's words of support and encouragement. Please help us topple the mullahs to avert war and destruction....
مصاحبه نخست وزیر اسرائیل در مورد مردم و حکومت ایران و تحسین مردم ایران برای ایستادن در مقابل رژیم اسلامی


Banafsheh said...

Bibi rocks. Brzezinski is a deranged individual who has sacrificed millions of Iranians and the longterm safety and stability of that region for his and his oil company bosses benefit. He is (and I don't like using this word ever but in this case I will) evil! He is the picture of what Michael Moore is concerned about when he makes a movie entitled 'Capitalism'...Zbig is capitalism run a muck.

Arash said...

Good on him, thank god someone isn't intent on appeasing the fascist mullahs.


Old Rebel said...

Look, if you want to foment revolution in your home country, then have at it. Here in what's left of the USA, the WOT has done nothing but wreck families, bankrupted our economy, and advanced the Neocon police state.

So I hope you don't mind if we dissent (while we still can) against an alien, anti-American ideology bent on reconstructing us into a globalist tyranny.

We're Southerners, and damn-well intend to resist another Reconstruction.

Bardia said...

This is ontime message.

Louise said...

Just listening to Michael Ledeen on the Hugh Hewitt show. He says millions of people turned out on Friday. Go Iran!!

Sohrab said...

Old Rebel,

Why don't you come out and say "Jews" instead of "alien" "Neocons" - at least be honest about your anti-semitism instead of using cliched code words.

Rosemary said...

Hi. I am so happy he won this time. It's about time Israel had a PM with a backbane. I am also glad that he recognizes the struggle for your people. He does not want war. He is practically begging the world to act. You can hear it in voice, "Please, STOP HIM!"

There has been more talk about a big 'rally' coming up. I hope so much that one of these days soon that the cops finally see the winds are turning and put down their guns. Better yet, they turn around and use them on the IRGC! That would be good.

I'm going to share this today. Sorry, but I just got around to it. I was very backed up due to Tea Parties and everything going on here. I'm sure you are aware of it. We have a country to save! God bless.