Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Author and columnist John P. Hannah says that Obama should stand up for the Iranian people, and against the Iranian regime, at the UN. Me thinks it is not gonna happen. At least let's hope he wouldn't shake hand with the Iranian dirtbag president like he did with Libya's Qaddafi and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez:
    "Through their popular uprising, the Iranian people have mounted the most serious challenge to the Islamic Republic in its 30-year history. The regime is frightened and confused, on the defensive, never closer to unraveling. The United States should do nothing that needlessly risks relieving that pressure and giving comfort to Iran's rulers. At a minimum, speaking up loudly about human rights will increase U.S. leverage in any forthcoming negotiation. At maximum, it could help sustain a movement whose ultimate success in toppling Iran's anti-American theocracy holds out the best hope of ending the nuclear crisis short of war."
Totally agreed but the man in the White House now is pro-tyranny. He'll do his best to damage our anti-mullahocracy movement.


Arash said...

Is he delusional? Obama is the biggest and most powerful appeaser of the Mullah regime. Shame on him.


saggezard said...

Actually if they shake hands then it would be clear confirmation of Obama's vision for a new savage world. You have to give the guy credit though, he prides himself on his audacity, just remember he promised change and now people are getting every Cent, not a Cent higher and not a Cent lower.

By the way if anyone is attending the New York rally in front of the UN to great Mahmoud, I suggest using green food dye to color every fountain and pool at the UN grounds. You can buy large 16 ounce bottles for around $20 which can turn a lot of stuff very green. Couple of bottles can turn a medium sized pool green.