Saturday, September 19, 2009

Anti Theocracy

Down with Russia... The Iranian people are not anti-Israel for all I know. However they're anti-Russia, anti-theocracy and pro-freedom. Let's help them achieve their goal. A free Iran means a more secure and prosperous world for all of us.
On a side note, the posters you see in the pictures are printed and distributed among so-called anti-Israeli protesters by regime's agencies and I imagine that so many pro-democracy protesters seized the signs and changed it to their own advantage.

More pics from anti-regime protests

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Rosemary said...

When I traslated it to English, they have a great site for us too. I feel so badly for this woman that cannot find out about why her daughter is being withheld. It's been a month (Aug. 28). The prosecutor said she has ties to foreigners. Is this their usual thing, like they haven't been saying that for the past 30 years! I hate them. Thanks for link.