Friday, September 18, 2009

New Mass Protests

Iranian regime fought street battles with anti-regime protesters today in Tehran and several major cities. BBC News reports on anti-regime protests in Tehran. My friend Azarmehr has reports/videos from Tehran's rally. And The Economist magazine reports about how the Iranian government appears shaky inside and out.

Radio Zamaneh has some photos, check out Gooya news, here is more from Gooya news and here are some more pictures from BBC Persian.

British paper Times of London has a great update from today's anti-government rallies.


Anonymous said...

The protests are getting coverage on tv, that's good.

Rosemary Welch said...

I didn't see the protests. Darn, wish I could have. What do you know about this site? Here is a page from them about Quds Day. Tehran = Quds Day Updates. There are pics as well.

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Arash said...

Excellent pictures, great links, this type of thing makes me really happy :D

Arash said...

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