Friday, September 25, 2009

Danger Close

Just this morning the news of another secret Iranian nuclear site surprised and angered the western world. This is the third time Iranian regime has cheated on nuke agreements and also the third time it's been caught red handed. Why should the world continue to negotiate with an illegitimate and dangerous regime? The insistence on international law made by western powers will not deter the regime. Since when the regime has had any regard for any law? These fools are condemning us all to doom and destruction.

What makes this a bit more scary is that Obama knew this all along and yet he pushed for dialogue and kept sending nice worded letters to the criminal mullahs. Did he not know that a nuclear armed Iranian regime will blackmail the world at every whim?

Now the question is: Who will have the guts to act and stop the murderous mullahs from acquiring the deadly atomic bomb?


Yikes said...

Just another stall tactic - admitting to a "secret" site that everyone already knows about to show how cooperative they are.

Israel isn't falling for it.

Anonymous said...

We need to send all our special forces in to do a strike on those sites! It's time we get our people out of Iraq and move then to Afghanistan and kick some butt!

Anonymous said...

iranian regime is neither illegitimate nor dangerous. Fair dialogue is the only possible way to actually achive something and mr Obama knows that.

Rose said...

No. He won't.

Kafir said...

How do you know this is only the third time they've cheated? It is only possible to count the times they've been caught.