Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time Out

It seems that time for talks with Iran may be over and if these talks fail, the only remaining option now is to attack the nuclear sites and according to Wall Street Journal Israel might be able to carry out such strike:
    "Any Israeli attack on an Iranian nuclear target would be a very complex operation in which a relatively large number of attack aircraft and support aircraft would participate. The conclusion is that Israel could attack only a few Iranian targets—not as part of a sustainable operation over time, but as a one-time surprise operation."
The 'regime change' option was always the best and most peaceful of all options available to those of us who opposed this crazy regime in Iran. Now, it is too late to try it. It will take time and I am not sure if time is on our side now.


kellie said...

The LA Times piece focuses on sanctions, not military action, and the WSJ piece provides a long list of practical difficulties in carrying out a military attack, not least that it would be impossible for Israel's military to uproot a program widely dispersed in a country the size of Iran.

As for the US, given the (lamentable) lack of will amongst too many American politicians to properly resource the fight against the Taliban, what appetite do they really have for armed conflict with a much more formidable foe like Iran?

Missing from the WSJ piece is what Iran might do the day after an attack. The opportunities for revenge would be many.

SFinKS said...

It is truly unfortunate that the previous administration (Bush 43) did not have the backing of congress and the European/China/Russian leaders to have applied enough internal & external pressure to have cause an "internal" revolution to over-throw the regime. Sadly even "W" didn't have the will or "balls" to have pushed the envelope and thereby supported an Iranian uprising. But maybe the time was not right.

Rosemary said...

The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) in 2007 cut out knees beneath President Bush. It stated that Iran had stopped all activities in 2003, and they had not started them up again toward the nuclear weapons. Those political bastards don't care about anyones life. I hate them for this.

Please have your family and friends move far away from all the facilities. I trust everyones second guessing about as far as I can throw them...