Saturday, September 5, 2009

Exporting Company

One might wonder what the mullahs have been doing since the day they took over the country in Feb 1979. Well, they have been exporting their nasty ideology and their murderous revolution around the globe. It's not just now they recently found out to begin exporting their evil revolution. The Iranians have been doing it forever. Middle-east, Africa, S. America and parts of Europe have been influenced by this revolution in horrible ways. Unfortunately, the 1979 Islamic revolt in Iran has been successful in emboldening Islamists from Asia all the way to Latin America and Africa.

The only possible way to put an end to this cycle of terror is to bring an end to the Islamic regime's life in Iran.


SRK Herry said...

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Arash said...

Hezbollah obeying their Islamic Republic masters and "spreading the revolution in Africa":

The day these Mullahs fall, the whole world will be better off. Africa needs trade and development, not Khomeini's primitive Islamism.


Winston said...

Good points Arash...

Mehran said...

Last night quite by chance I was watching a re-run of the superb drama The Gathering Storm (with Albert Finney and Vanessa Redgrave) on TV. It deals with Winston Churchill's years in the wilderness in the inter-war period, when everyone was advocating appeasing the Nazis to avoid war.

Churchill was a lone voice against this tide of madness, and felt quite depressed most of the time for being berated and scorned for his efforts to alert people to the true nature of the Nazis.

While I thoroughly enjoy watching this film every time I see it, it can also be depressing viewing given our current predicament. We are witnessing exactly the same phenomenon in our time, when the mass of deluded, frightened and foolish politicians, commentators and policy wonks all advocate appeasing another murderous regime in order to avoid bloodshed. (And in the meantime, saying precious little about the bloodshed wreaked by Tehran's terrorist regime in the past 30 years).

As history should have made it abundantly clear, when dealing with a barbarous regime the more you give in, the more it takes. And when the war happens, as it inevitably will, the loss of life would be far greater than what the appeasers allegedly tried to save.