Sunday, September 6, 2009


Two years ago the regime began rationing the petrol and angry citizens protested in thousands across the country. The Iranian regime has huge problems when it comes to gasoline import or production. Its oil refineries are outdated and they can not meet the daily gasoline demands of their own citizens. It's one of the most sensitive areas where those countries that are serious about sanctions can put the squeeze on the mullahs and make them suffer. There must be a real trouble when Venezuelan dictator wants to send them gasoline. It won't save them any way, because this is just a meaningless gesture by the Venezuelan clown.

One wonders how the mullahs can sustain a possible war against any adversary when they clearly can't produce enough gas for their vehicles or airplanes.


Anonymous said...

After reading this story I wonder what the importance of it is to the world or the United States. Well it really is pretty meaningless in my opinion. It really isn’t all that much but here we are reading about it. I don’t know, but there seems to be more important things to be worried about than this. I wondered about the idea of Iran importing technology to there friends in Latin America. Was that the reason for putting this out there in a top line, head liner story. Lets get real here. If we as a country are threatened by Iran or if Iran sends a nuke in any direction anywhere, do you actually think the U.S. or any other nuclear country is going to sit back and not react? So, Why not just make it public policy, public knowledge that if they ever do, they won’t exist. Hmm, maybe because we didn’t strike hard enough with total brutality when our country was hit on 9-11. Maybe because the military was placed in a second war that was in reality, not our problem (Iraq) and so many Countries don’t feel that we’d strike back in this manner. So, why not make it simple knowledge that if there is ever a nuke threat or firing on any country not matter who it may be that they will be totally wiped out, not simply attacked with a lingering war. Because get real, I think we have figured out that we simply cannot sustain it for any length of time or we’re going to go under in the long run. I think so many countries were surprised by how our government reacted to the killing of several thousand innocent civilians on 9-11. I think they really thought it was horrific enough to extinguish who was responsible. In other words, very little of Afghanistan would be habitable for human life and fallout would have been severe. It would have been accepted and understood and we’d be not having any more problems for hundreds of years. But, since we’re in this quagmire, we’re and our friends are considered targets from those who feel their Gods people. Please excuse my laughter when I hear those say these people don’t care about the repercussions of this magnitude. They indeed do.
Life in the world today.

Eetcher said...

Your grasp of the situation is excellent. I've added you to my favorites.

Fariborz Shamshiri said...

This is very sensitive point you raised here. There are some speculations that US sanction on Iran's petroleum import might intensify public outrage.

I am worried that so-called reformist mullahs take the lead once again.