Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Donut For Enemies

The threat of cutting off fuel supplies to Iran is a great way to press the regime to comply with the UN's demands and stop enriching the uranium. I've talked about that here before. It's one of the most effective methods, in my opinion, to force this criminal regime to play by the rules. This threat is so serious that the phony president of the regime felt the need to talk about it today when visiting the Ministry of Oil:
    "Some (countries) are trying to challenge the Islamic Republic by threatening to impose sanctions and cut off the gasoline supply to the country… I call on the oil minister to present a plan within one or two weeks to counter such threats".
This regime is on the verge of collapse on its own. It just needs a serious push (economic sanctions, diplomatic isolation, media coverage) and that can come from the western nations. Mullahs collapsing on their own corrupting weight will have less cost than any other option for the rest of us. Frankly, any military strike against the regime for any reason, without considering the option of uprooting this rapist regime is not worth the effort. We'll be back to square one shortly after the strikes. A military endeavor is only good if coupled with regime change efforts. Otherwise, it will leave us with a messy situation like the one in Iraq back in 1991. Some serious sanctions coupled with assisting the people of Iran are the best way to go.

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