Monday, September 14, 2009

Screw You, Morons!

Obviously the liberal/Marxist morons in the White House are unable to understand that Iranian regime is playing with them to buy as much time as necessary to finalize their nuke projects. And those same morons in the US government are completely clueless and ignorant about what's going on inside of Iran. The regime has tightened the screws further on the Iranian people knowing that the Americans and rest of the so-called western world have no guts to do anything.

I can see further protests and arrests in the coming weeks. The regime is in turmoil and one of the many things that is keeping mullahs alive is 0bama's pro-regime policies. ZerObama's appeasement policies will blow in his face soon. At least, I hope they will.

Update - Photos: The new British ambassador to Tehran meets with Ahmadinejad. I guess the rest of the so-called free world is in full appeasement mode too. It's not just Zer0bama.


Mehra said...

The West's natural response has always been appeasement, it's just we now have a moron in the White House who's added his puny voice to the chorus of appeasers (and they said Bush was an idiot).

Here's a great article by Hitch:

As I've often said Israel is our last, best hope (and I'm not even

Arash said...

Whilst I wouldn't call Obama a "Marxist" by any means, here's a rather amusing way of looking at the West's response to the Islamic Republic

The question is, when will Barack Chamberlain and Fuhrer Ahmadinejad finally meet...