Monday, October 12, 2009

Deadly Mullahs

The recent wave of quick death sentences handed to anti-regime protesters show how the deadly mullahs are trying to spread the seeds of fear among the people. It seems to be part of a larger intimidation campaign against their own people. They know that more protests will come their way. Even smily mullah president Khatami warns the regime of more protests in the coming weeks and months. This friendly warning from an ex regime official might be another obvious sign of this rusty regime's disintegration from within.

The useless nuclear talks is really giving this dying regime a CPR.... The mullahs don't deserve to be revived. These talks will only demoralize the Iranian people inside of Iran who are being bombarded by avalanche of poisonous propaganda every day. The US government along with other negotiating parties are betting on the wrong horse here. They'll regret their choice soon.

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