Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Enemy at the gates

The appointment of NIAC's adviser as an Iran Desk official at the US State Dept is another worrying sign that Hussein Obama and criminal Mullahs are hand in hand destroying our hopes for freedom, democracy and regime change in Iran.

American Thinker has an excellent piece exposing these brain dead traitors who work as the Iranian regime's spokespersons in America:
    The NIAC staunchly opposes any military attacks on Iran. In other words, it all but serves as Iran's embassy in Washington...... there is very little sunlight between the views of the regime and the NIAC.
Melanie Phillips has more.

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Yikes said...

The regime in the form of NIAC has had access to the State Dept and more for yrs.
Fortunately in the past, we had guards at the gates - not any more.