Friday, November 13, 2009

Mixed Messages

Obama's admin is master of sending mixed messages on Iran (or on other hostile regimes for that matter). My understanding is that perhaps they don't have a cohesive and concrete strategy about trouble spots and trouble makers. Look at their record on North Korea or Cuba. Yesterday they appointed a complete moron to be Iran's point man at the US State Dept and then all of a sudden they are talking about seizing the assets of the Iranian regime in New York City. Can they at least stick to one policy so we know whom we are dealing with?

At the same time, those who have borne the brunt of regime's brutality demanded that Obama take a stand on Iran. Me thinks, they better not waste their time or energy on this man's stances. Obama has been unable to take a stand on his own troops fighting "the good war" in Afghanistan. And I'll tell you what his real stance is on Iran: He is going to stick with the regime. Period! Time to move on and better not place our hopes and aspirations on an empty suit in the White House.

Michael Ledeen has more on this.

به نظر میرسه دولت حسین اوباما در مورد دول متخاصم هیچگونه سیاست مشخصی نداره. دیروز یک گروگان سابق و گوسفند امروزی رو به سمت مسئول میز ایران در وزارت خارجه گذاشته و امروز از بستن دفاتر وابسته به رژیم ایران در امریکا حرف میزنه. ایکاش اقلا یک سیاست مشخصی داشت که میشد فهمید با چه کسی طرف هستیم

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saggezard said...

With the seizure of buildings, I think he is only trying to buy leverage to release the three hikers. He gives a rat's tail about IRI's nuclear capabilities or the appalling human rights violations ie. terrorism committed against the Iran people. Frankly, he is incapable of drawing any conclusive or fruitful policy on many topics.