Monday, December 7, 2009

16 Azar day

Massive anti-regime rallies were held across Iran today. Here are some reports from various sources:

BBC Video: 'Gunfire heard' as Iran police clash with protesters. Times of London has a report. VOA News reporting. Radio Free Europe provides video and details.

Pictures from today's protests in Tehran university.

Updated on Tuesday Dec 8th: There have been major protests for the 2nd day in a row in major Iranian cities and university campuses. The Mullahocracy has, in my opinion, lost the firm grip it once had over its own citizens. It can't exercise its rule any more and is likely to crumble from within.


saggezard said...

Ongoing protests and clashes for a second day. The regime has no way out.

Arash said...

I am unbelievably happy. The Arabo-Islamic occupation regime is on its way out.


Winston said...

Let's hope you're right.

Louise said...

Winston, I believe you meant Dec 8th, not Nov, right?

On topic, this is very encouraging.

Winston said...

Thanks Louise, I corrected the update date stamp. :-)