Monday, December 7, 2009

Infamous Date

Today is the 68th anniversary of Japan's sneak attack on US forces in Pearl Harbor back in December 1941. It's "a date which will live in infamy". [+]


Sohrab said...

Chavez, Castro, Khamenei should all take note from the response the Japanese got for awakening the "sleeping giant."

SZ said...


Since when has Iran, Venezuela or Cuba attacked the US on their soil?

Are you that stupid? I think it's best you don't quit your law studies, because history isn't your strong suit.

Winston, you are an idiot and a half, people like you are the typical vatanforoosh. May you die and burn in hell.

Go ahead and post this, show your manhood.

Winston said...

SZ, the moronic arse... I take it that you're off your meds most of the time. Why don't you take them before opening your ass-like mouth? hah? ;-)

SFinKS said...

It's to bad that the "sleeping giant" is actually a comatose spineless hamster.

SZ said...


you're the timid one like your friend Potkin states for not revealing your real name. Whats the harm in posting with your real name? What are you so scared of? Who is paying you for posting lies about Iran?

And for the record, you are the one who is a traitor, hence your residence is in Canada! ha, what a pathetic person you are.

Sohrab said...

SZ-ye kunkesh,

Esme to chiye jakesh-e madarghahbe? Cheraa to az "S.Z." estefadeh mikoni bipedar-madar?