Friday, December 4, 2009


I am not sure sending scores of activists and dissidents to jail or exile has had any effect on Iranian people's courage to take on this murderous regime. The fact of the matter is the protests since the bloody Saturday June 21st, have not been about disputing the rigged elections any more. The main goal of the protests ever since has been the heart of the regime and its IRGC criminals. It's clear what we want: An end to the tyranny of this murderous Islamic Republic.

The protesters may be struggling against a heavily armed criminal system but their cause is not forgotten. The whole world has stood with the people of Iran and we should seize the moment to get Iran back once and for all. The night is the darkest right before the dawn. We will be victorious because we are right and our cause is just.

پایان شب سیاه سپید است


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Hi Winston. I've never forgotten you or the students in Iran.

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