Sunday, December 27, 2009

Khamenei is a donkey

One of the slogans heard in Tehran today was this: "Khamenei is a lame donkey, one of his arms is disabled". خامنه ای الاغه، یه دستشم چلاقه

BBC: Anti-regime protests in Tehran. Al-Jazeera: Police clash with Iran protesters.
Three dead and two injured in Tehran. AFP is covering the protests. Al-Arabiya TV has extensive coverage of the unrest. The Iranian regime is on the verge of collapse.

Updated at 5:45AM ET: The number of dead protesters has risen to 5. Reports of gun fire inside the regular Iranian Army Officer Academy are being circulated on twitter.

Updated at 6:15AM ET: Here's Video #1, My friend Azarmehr has more videos --- Another clip from Tehran. Gooya News has several clips. Video: Police cars and vehicles on fire

The protests are absolutely country-wide. Reports have come from major towns and cities such as Amol, Mashad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Babol and Karaj.

Excellent videos and photos from today's riots. Excellent photos from Times of London.

Updated at 8AM ET: It's rumored that Khamenei might have been flown out of Tehran today morning. Updated @ 11:45AM: Mousavi's relative (reportedly his nephew) was killed during the protests today. And people will gather for candle light vigils at 8PM local time to mourn for the dead. Updated @ 7pm: Police begging people not to beat them up: Watch this dramatic footage from Iran. Check these photos. Here's a video where you can hear the sound gun fire in the streets.

Updated @ 8:15pm ET: Finally White House comes out to condemn the regime's violence and says "it stands with the people of Iran". Now, do something and help topple the mullahs.

Official Statement by the Canadian government condemns the regime's use of violence during today's unrest against protesters.

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Rosemary said...

Thank you for the updates. I've been watching the news, and they're saying 4 were killed while 2 were injured. What would they know? That is why I come here. ;)

I pray your family is safe from harm, even if they riot. May God put a hedge of protection about them.

If Khamenie has left town, isn't that how the regime fell in 1979? Hmm...Have a good day.

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston, the BBC is reporting it was his nephew who was murdered. (Murder: my word.)

Rosemary said...

Is this a police station? (video) That is what they are saying the people have taken over. Just asking.

MaggotAtBroad&Wall said...

The Iranian freedom fighters are so courageous and brave. From what I've seen they are using only rocks as weapons in their fight against the oppressors.

Those who have died in this struggle so the Iranian people will one day be free from the tyrannical rule of the mullahs are genuine heros.

Thanks for all the links.

Rose said...

THANKS, as always for your updates and reports.

saggezard said...

Today was probably the bloodiest day since the start of post election protests. All corners of Iran was raging. The theocracy needs a nudge and it will be gone forever. I guess the regime is now going to attempt to appease the Green leaders, Khamenei could go on TV and cry crocodile tears, promise "change" in order to preserve the establishment.

World Affairs Guy said...

Winston: I sincerely hope your information is accurate regarding Khamenei leaving Iran. Although a long shot, the end of this retched regime would be the best possible outcome for the Iranian people, the region, and the World! Keep up your excellent blogging and tweets.

World Affairs Guy

Winston said...

When/where did I say he left Iran?

World Affairs Guy said...

I guess my enthusiasm got the better of me and I saw Iran instead of Tehran (see below). Wishful thinking. I hope this is at least the beginning of the end.

"Updated at 8AM ET: It's rumored that Khamenei might have been flown out of Tehran today morning"

ما هستیم برای آزادی - دانشجویان دانشگاه تهران در UCLA  said...
کمک کنید :

در هرکجای سایت یا وبلاگ و توییتر و فیس بوک خود کلمه Khamenei is a threat for the world را تایپ کرده و در ایجاد این بمب گوگلی ما را یاری کنید.

Khamenei is a threat for the world
خامنه ای برای دنیا یک تهدید است

بهترین محل عنوان پست های شماست و نیز در کلمات کلیدی

Leila said...

WorldAffairsGuy - there is lot of rumur about Khamenei leaving. I read one on "escape to Russia". Let us hope he does go away. You may be interested to see this video compares Khamenei to shah and is quite funny actually.

World Affairs Guy said...

Leila: Thank you for suggesting the link. Funny, although I would take the Shah over Khamenei any day! Lets hope that criminal is removed from power asap.

World Affairs Guy