Friday, December 18, 2009


Via Foreign Policy magazine.
As someone who knows a bit about the sham that is the current Iranian armed forces, I happen to certainly agree with General Petraeus on this. Once a proud IIAF is now a laughing stock of the whole world.


Anonymous said...

I'm assumimg that you think the letters to Rafsanjani and the IRGC sent by the armed forces are fabricated?

Winston said...

The sentiments are there for sure but that letter did not look valid to me. On the 2nd line of signatures, a rank that has been out of order (Homafars) for more than 21 yrs was mentioned. It made the letter look invalid to me. But I'll bet you the majority of regular armed forces personnel (and even majority of IRGC since it is full of conscripts) are with the Iranian people.

Arash said...