Sunday, December 20, 2009

WW II Compensation

Our friends at 'Planet Iran' and 'Gateway Pundit' report that 'mental patient in chief' Ahmadinejad has gone on one of his rants in Copenhagen climate summit asking for compensation for the damages inflicted on Iran during the 2nd World War in 1940s:
    " ... we are in the right to demand these damages for World War II and I have appointed a group to tabulate the sum total of the compensation due us; shortly, in a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations we will be demanding money due to us. This is justice."
A few things came to my mind reading this lunatic's bullshit: 1- They should ask Hitler for compensation since they share a lot with him in views and behavior, 2- Without the US President Truman's sincere support Azarbaijan and Kurdish provinces of Iran would have been taken away by Joseph Stalin in late 1945. 3- Ahmadinejad should be sent to a psychiatric ward once this regime is toppled and be evaluated for his rare mental problems including his shameful Holocaust denial.

I think I am done ;-)


Arash said...

Personally, I'd like compensation for all Iranians who've lived under the disaster that's been the Islamic Republic for the past 30 years.


World Affairs Guy said...

That analysis hit the nail on the head, especially regarding similarities between this goon and Hitler. One other place he should look for compensation is non other than his oil producing tyrant buddy, the dictator, Chavez. The new "Axis of Evil!".

World Affairs Guy