Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dead scientist

There are a lot of rumors, speculations and crazy tales about the dead Iranian physicist. I suspect this guy probably wanted to defect and so the regime killed him before he could do so. Now the Mullahnazis can blame it on the evil Zionists, old American Satan or even the British squirrels (like the one they snatched at the border).

Whatever it is, the signs of a crumbling regime are ever more presents and in plain sight. It's believed that 27 Iranian diplomats have resigned their posts in various countries and sought asylum since June 09. The cracks are getting larger and larger.


SFinKS said...

It is just SO unfortunate that the Obambi administration continues to legitimize this murderous regime by "negotiating" with them.

Louise said...

Planning to defect? That's exactly what I posted on my blog just a minute or two ago, and I swear I hadn't read it here first.