Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mouthpieces at work

While innocent Iranians are jailed, tortured and killed by their oppressive dictatorship, the regime's mouthpieces in America and Europe have come out again to tell us that what we're witnessing in the streets of major Iranian cities is not a revolution and the world should not bet the future on these freedom-seekers. How f..king nice, eh? I doubt they have any shame at all. Boils my blood.....

Ahmadinejad's translator and regime's crony in the US Hooman Majd has come out saying the protesters don't want total change. And then there is this stupid asshat analyst Flynt Leverrette who seems to be reading Iran's Kayhan newspaper and vomiting them right back through his ridiculous pro-regime articles. What an a$$!

My fellow blogger Sheema has an excellent piece today on her blog about these morons who get their data from regime's mouthpieces. I suppose they have no shame and hopefully they'll have their day in the court of public opinion once their beloved regime is gone.

Dr. Abbas Milani has responded to nay-sayers here on TNR.


saggezard said...

Hooman Majd is an Aghazadeh, a desperate intellectual wannabee. This mask has an awful fit, just as ridiculous as Khatami looked when as president of the murderous Islamic regime he talked about dialogue of civilizations.

Arash said...

Hooman Majd is a disgusting regime stooge:

And Flynt Leverett is just another Western "useless idiot" on the regime's payroll. Ugh.