Sunday, January 3, 2010


Keeps me sane amid all these horrific news coming out of Iran! Hope it helps sanitize your head too... :-)


Sohrab said...

Not for me. This is what works for me:

SZ said...


you're an idiot. What happened to responding to my challenge.

$1000 to any charity of your liking if the Islamic Republic "falls" like you claim it will this year.

If they don't, you have to pay $1000 to a charity of my choice...something tells me you will puss out, or winston, our Supreme Blogger will not post this.

Sohrab said...


I'm a student and don't have the kind of moftkhor money akhoondzadehs like you have - so thanks but no thanks.

Sohrab said...

By the way, notice, douchebag, how Winston did not censor your comment. This isn't PressTV, your favorite propaganda channel and website, after all!